Boulder is well-known for its biking community -- unfortunately, almost 1,000 bikes are stolen in the city every year. Here are tips to keep your bike safe.

  • ALWAYS lock up your bike. Use a U-Lock for the frame and back tire, and a secondary lock for the front tire. A U-Lock is recommended because bolt cutters can easily cut through a cable lock.
  • Remove anything from your bike that can be easily taken, untied or cut off. This includes the seat and water bottles.
  • Lock your bike in a public place, preferably with a lot of foot traffic, if you can't keep it inside.
  • Lower your gears to make it harder for someone to pedal off quickly.
  • Register your bike for free. You can register your bike with the Boulder Police Department or at most bike shops. The Boulder Police Department has a better chance of returning your stolen bike if you've registered it before the incident.
  • If your bike is stolen, report the incident to local authorities right away.
  • If you see someone stealing a bike, say something. You can leave an anonymous report.

Stealing a bike is an opportunistic crime. Do what you can to keep your bike as secure as possible and avoid a theft.