How to Keep Your Dogs Safe this Winter

What do you need to know to keep your dog safe during the cold months? Keep the following information in mind this winter. 

Frostbite and hypothermia

Paws, tails, and ears are vulnerable to frostbite in cold weather. If you notice ice crystals on these areas, bring your dog inside immediately and allow them to warm up. Go with shorter, more frequent outings (and don’t leave them in the car) to reduce risk of hypothermia.

No ice is safe

Keep pets away from frozen bodies of water. If your pet falls through a frozen body of water, do not go out on the ice. If the ice cannot support the weight of your pet it will not support your weight. Immediately call 9-1-1 and specially trained firefighters from the City of Boulder will come help.

Salt and melting crystals

These can cause paw burns, extreme drying, and cracking. Consider investing in pet boots or use a product like Bag Balm before your walks to protect their feet. Wash your dog’s feet with warm water after the walk.


Antifreeze is toxic, but its scent makes it a big danger for pets. Keep all antifreeze containers closed tightly and placed on out-of-reach shelves. Be on the lookout for green, blue, pink, or orange spills in your driveway.

Insufficient calories

During colder months, a dog's body is working harder than usual to keep them warm. Replace those lost calories with healthy meals. And always, always make sure they are hydrated.