Keep your beloved pup safe this spring.

With the melting ice and snow come some things to keep in mind when on your outdoor adventures with your dogs. 

Watch for garbage and other unpleasant surprises

Dogs explore with their noses, so watch out for cigarette butts, feces, or garbage exposed under melting snow. Steer them away from too much exploring until spring clean-up is completed.

Avoid salty water puddles

Salty water is created when snow and ice start melting. Salt can irritate paws, noses and any exposed skin. It can also irritate the stomach if ingested. Make sure they aren't drinking from puddles and wash their paws afterwards.

Keep them on a leash

Even if you are registered with Voice and Sight and are in a designated park, be aware of the power of mother nature. There is a greater danger of fast-moving water and flash floods due to melting snow. A leash means you can keep them safe.

Keep walks short and brisk

Your dog might not have the same level of fitness they had in the fall, especially if you have cut back on walks over the winter. Work back up to longer walks gradually. You might need it yourself.

Watch out for more active wildlife

In the spring there is a likelihood of wildlife waking up hungry and showing less caution in their hunting. Keep your pup away from any wild animals to avoid any negative interaction and danger. It's fantastic to be out in the clean mountain air again! Following these tips will help you and your pal enjoy a safe and joyful time in the great outdoors.

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