Share your thoughts with the city by Dec. 31

Share your thoughts with the city by Dec. 31

Boulder has the highest flash flood risk in the state of Colorado – and that means having infrastructure in place to help protect our community from floods is critical.

Many different factors can influence the design and scope of flood mitigation projects. Let the city know which factors are most important to you by participating in an online activity. The activity asks you to assign values to different factors, including:

  • Social impact, Equity and Fairness

  • Cultural Resources

  • Environmental Resources

  • Infrastructure Resiliency

  • Life Safety

  • Property Protection

A link to English and Spanish versions of the activity and instructions can be found here. The activity will be open until Dec. 31. The feedback will be used to help shape an upcoming update to the city’s Comprehensive Flood and Stormwater Master Plan.

You can also learn the flood risk for your home by using our new and improved interactive floodplains map. Toggle the map to view which areas of the city are most at risk for flooding. The map is also available in Spanish.

Learn more about flood preparedness in Boulder at