Local shoppers should ready their reusable bags for all in-person purchases

Local shoppers should ready their reusable bags for all in-person purchases.

City Council recently expanded Boulder’s Disposable Bag Fee Ordinance to comply with the state’s Plastic Pollution Reduction Act. Starting on Jan. 1, 2023, all large stores are required to charge a 10-cent fee for every single-use bag used at checkout. The fee applies to both plastic and paper bags.

In 2024, the fee will be charged at all stores in Boulder, allowing for consistency across the city and maximum waste reduction.

“The bag fee encourages daily reuse over single-use,” said Jamie Harkins, the city’s sustainability senior manager of circular economies. “Every plastic and paper bag saved means less burden on our recycling facilities, energy system and planet. Saying goodbye to disposable bags also slows the fill of our landfills and saves energy and resources required to make them.”

Learn More & Find Resources

Businesses and community members can learn more about store requirements, find answers to frequently asked questions and download a variety of store resources on the city’s website. Local businesses will also receive a notice explaining changes to the ordinance.

Prepare for the Change: Ready Your Reusable Bags

Shoppers can avoid paying the fee by bringing their own reusable bags to the store or by asking cashiers not to bag purchases. New and used reusable bags are sold at many grocery, clothing and thrift stores around town.

“Bringing your bag to every errand is a simple way to curb your waste. Keep reusable bags in a convenient location, like a backpack, bike basket or car, so you always have them with you on the go.”