Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department is hiring teenagers as your as 14 for seasonal positions.

Maybe your mom, dad or other family member suggested you get a job for the summer.

You see all the hiring signs out there and it seems like there are tons of options. But which job is right for you? And would they hire you, if you’re 14, 15 or 16 years old? At Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department (BPR), the answer is yes, we have jobs for you!

We’re hiring hundreds of community members to fill our open seasonal positions where you can help the community, work with your friends, and get paid to play! Here are the positions we have open listed according to the minimum age for the job.

14 years-old

15 years-old

  • Lifeguard. (According to the Red Cross, lifeguards must be 15 years-old on the last day of the lifeguard certification class).

16 years-old

We have additional position open with a minimum age of 18, such as childcare lead, sports officials, head lifeguards, Reservoir boat inspectors, and sports field monitors.

See all our open positions at and apply today!