Police locate missing teenager at a residence in Thornton

BOULDER, Colo. – Boulder Police Department, working in collaboration with state and federal agencies and neighboring local jurisdictions, located missing 14-year-old Chloe Campbell at about 5 p.m. today at a residence in Thornton. She has been brought to a hospital for medical evaluation, and her parents have been notified. Police will ensure the teen and her family receive appropriate social services support.

As is protocol for missing children cases, police are asking the media to please take Chloe’s photo down from website and others broadcast channels.

While investigators continue to believe that Chloe ran away, there is an ongoing investigation about where she was and what occurred while she was separated from her family. Some details are being withheld at this time to allow for a thorough investigation.

“We are incredibly grateful for the partnership of state and federal agencies, who through a variety of investigative efforts, helped our detectives bring Chloe home. We are also appreciative of the outpouring of community and media interest in this case,” said Police Chief Maris Herold.

At a brief press conference this evening, Deputy Chief Stephen Redfearn provided the following information about the police’s work in this case:

  • Boulder police became aware of Chloe’s recent disappearance on Oct. 1, when a runaway report was filed by her father. Information about her was entered into the Nationwide computer CCIC/NCIC as soon as the initial report was taken, and a “be on the lookout” alert was released to agencies statewide. The case was then assigned to a detective with the Special Victims Unit.
  • Boulder police were in contact with the FBI for over the past week and met with representatives of that agency again today. The National Center for Missing and Endangered Children was also involved.
  • Detectives had frequent contact with Chloe’s family and communicated with several acquaintances of the missing teenager. There were numerous reported sightings as well as social media activity, which was pursued diligently by investigators.
  • As a reminder to the public, the use of Amber Alerts is carefully regulated by law. This tool is to be used in cases of suspected abductions and is limited to the most serious of situations to avoid public fatigue, which could counteract the importance of these alerts. Boulder police had no evidence to suggest that an abduction has occurred in this case. Detectives consulted with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation agents, who concurred that the circumstances surrounding Chloe’s disappearance did not meet the criteria.
  • Had the teen remained missing this evening, however, CBI was prepared to issue a missing and endangered person alert to national media outlets. This would be similar to the press release that Boulder police put out Saturday to raise awareness about the case.

“Our department diligently addressed this case from the time we first became aware of it. The investigation was consistent with known best practices for runaway children,” Redfearn said. “We are relieved that Chloe has been found.”

A full recording of the press conference, including questions and answers from the media, is available on the city's YouTube channel here https://youtu.be/Gjkzzrtnw5Y