Preliminary election results show that ballot item 6C for a library district has been approved

Boulder voters have approved ballot item 6C voting in favor of forming a library district. Preliminary results show that ballot issue 6C is ahead by about 6%. Votes are still being counted, and final results will be made available by the county in the upcoming month.

“The campaign around this issue, on all sides, underscored the love our community has for its libraries,” City Manager Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde said. “There are many steps involved in making this transition. Our staff will work diligently with appropriate partners to ensure the process of creating a library district happens carefully and swiftly.”

Some of the more immediate next steps will include:

  • Appointing a Library District board of trustees
  • Amending the current city property tax mill levy to eliminate the portion dedicated to the library
  • Negotiating an intergovernmental agreement outlining the process to a district

The move to a library district is expected to take more than one year to complete. Library staff will continue to be city employees with the same salaries and benefits until the transition is complete.