Demonstrate courtesy and respect for everyone by following all regulations put in place to prevent wildfires. Remember: Call 911 if you see a fire starting or if you see smoke.

BOULDER, Colo.The City of Boulder reminds open space visitors to recreate responsibly and help prevent wildfires during the Fourth of July. When visiting City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks trails, the city reminds visitors to:

  • Know city fire regulations. All ignition sources – including fireworks, smoking, campfires – are prohibited on City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks lands. It is illegal in the City of Boulder to use or possess fireworks of any kind.
  • Know the current fire risk. Check and follow all fire restrictions and fire bans instituted by local authorities.
  • Create a plan. Look at the weather forecast. Download a trail map and carry a print map. Create a plan for adverse weather or emergencies, such as fires and floods. Know where you are going and consider alternative routes you can take to leave the area. Visit to see city open space trails.
  • Charge your phone. Make sure your phone is charged in case you need assistance or there is an emergency. But remember: Cell service may be extremely limited in mountain locations.
  • Pack for changing conditions. Bring enough food and water. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks. Consider not visiting public lands during adverse weather conditions.
  • Stay alert when on the trail. Be aware of your surroundings. Always stay focused on what’s in front and around you as the outdoors are changing environments and natural hazards may be present. Call 911 if there is an emergency, such as a fire starting or if you see smoke. Try to text 911 if you don’t have enough cell service to get a phone call through.

Everyone has a responsibility to prevent wildfires and help reduce wildfire risks in our community. Learn about ongoing work City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks is doing to help reduce fire risks in our community.