A bear who took 400 selfies with our wildlife camera has captured hearts around the world

Bear Stops for Some Selfies

Usually, animals just walk past our wildlife cameras, but this bear took the opportunity to take some selfies with it. Four hundred of them, in fact.

Dubbed "Selfie Bear," this cute creature has gone viral for their adorable selfies, with news outlets around the world clamoring to cover them.

Wildlife cameras help us learn what animals are out there and what they're up to over the course of a day, a week, or even years. And sometimes, that means taking a bunch of selfies, just like us.

While the bear took more than 400 "selfies," we kept 24 pictures that made us laugh the most and deleted the others. Those photos may have captured a unique look, but we think the ones we kept are pretty good, too.

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Please Note: These pictures were taken in mid-November 2022.