Here are some of our amazing volunteers who make Boulder a wonderful place to live, work and adventure.

Andrew Shoemaker has been volunteering his time as a Court Mediator for Boulder Community Mediation Services since 2023.

Scott Allen - Volunteer Visitor Ambassador at the Chautauqua Trailhead and Ranger Cottage

Scott grew up in Boulder and had lots of adventures in open space as a child. The open space was formative for him--it helped him develop his love of nature and his skills as an outdoors person. He’s been volunteering at the Ranger Cottage for two years and he is there once a week for a four hour shift. Scott is a retired schoolteacher and parlayed his love for education into his role as a Visitor Ambassador. He loves to go on Saturdays when it’s very busy and he may talk to as many as 250 people. He loves the title of ambassador; he welcomes people, seeks to understand what kind of experience they’re looking for, and explains the options that would best serve their needs and abilities. Insider tip: Scott looks at the visitor’s footwear to assess their preparedness for different adventures! As well as providing information about the trail systems and climbing routes, he can talk about the history and geology of the area, how open space is funded, and how the stewardship of the land has evolved over time. He shares safety guidelines and rules for respecting the space. Scott sees many locals, and people from all over the world. He has witnessed reunions, such as friends who went to college together and haven’t seen each other in 20 years, parents with infants on their first hike, engaged couples looking for the best photo ops, and many students showing their parents the mountains for the first time. Their commonality is appreciating the universal appeal of this place and finding a connection to the land and each other. For Scott, it’s a privilege to see the joy, laughter, and tears of people experiencing this place with their loved ones—including their dogs! Scott feels through volunteering he is making a contribution to the community that gave him so much, and it has renewed his perspective on the goodness of humanity.

Scott Allen headshot

Summit Middle School 7th graders volunteer their time every year to help clean up our parks.