Baseline Trail in spring
OSMP Staff

Baseline Trail in spring by OSMP Staff

Partnering with Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) helps us to protect and visitors to enjoy the open space lands that teem with native plants and wildlife and are home to threatened and endangered species. Boulder residents and visitors use the trails for walking, hiking, running, biking, horseback riding, dog walking, health and wellness and other passive recreational uses.

OSMP’s 45,000+ acres serve as a buffer between Boulder and nearby development. They sustain agriculture uses and add untold benefits to the natural environment - clean air, water, and earth.

See how you can partner: 2021 Sponsorship Opportunities.

Contact: Community Relations Program Manager Alison Ecklund.

Thank you!

Thank you to ExtremeTerrain's Clean Trail Initiative for supporting the upcoming 2021 Flatiron’s Climbing Council/OSMP Trash Bash.

Thank you to Moe’s Broadway Bagel for supporting the 2021 Junior Ranger bike to work day.

Thank you to Bobo's for donating four boxes of 75 ct. chocolate chip bite sized muffins for One-Day Volunteer Projects (ODVP) and Bridge House Crews.

Thank you to Boulder Hiker Chicks for their $1,500 donation toward student field trips to OSMP.