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Purpose and Role

The purpose of the Police Master Plan Process Subcommittee is to partner with staff in developing, supporting and ensuring best practices related to the overall planning process and public engagement for the master plan. Part of the role of the subcommittee is to guide, with course correction, when needed, and “champion” the project, using their knowledge of the in-depth work behind the process to help explain its evolution to peers, stakeholders and the community. The council members also serve as advisors about how frequently, and when, to update other decision-makers.

Discussion of policy issues or plan content will not be part of the subcommittee’s purview. Deliberations and decisions on plan content and policy are reserved for the full council. Subcommittee members may provide input on such items as collaborative approaches to community engagement, the community engagement plan, design and implementation of engagement opportunities, timing and scheduling of public engagement as well as the frequency and timing for board and council items (e.g. Information Packets, study sessions, public hearings) and other process components.

Staff and the process subcommittee plan to return to council in early 2021 to present the results of work to define the scope, schedule and public process.


The Police Master Plan Process Subcommittee is comprised of two council members, Rachel Friend and Tara Winer and community members Mallory Kates and Marina La Grave.

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