Project Overview

In 1989, with funding from Colorado History (formally Colorado Historical society), the City of Boulder began preparation of historic context for the Boulder Valley.


The Boulder Historic Context is an organizational format that collects information about related historic sites or events, based on a theme, geographical limits, and chronological period. The purpose of the context informs the public about various building types associated with specific historic themes in Boulder, determines which areas need further research, and provides a framework for the proper documentation, evaluation and treatment of these historic properties. This document is used for local, state and federal planning purposes and to help secure future funding for new preservation projects in the Boulder Valley.

In 1991, a community resource program was established to start filling in some of the gaps that exist within the document. Many residents volunteered to research and write papers on a variety of topics. In addition, the city worked with several departments at the University of Colorado Boulder to create internships where the students received course credit in exchange for research papers or survey work.

The Boulder Historic Context is always an on ongoing project that promises to serve as a prototype for other cities in Colorado and across the nation.