Project Overview

The City of Boulder is working on the Boulder Junction Phase 2 project. The project is guided by the Transit Village Area Plan (PDF) and is one of City Council’s priority projects. For the next two years, staff will engage the community in a variety of ways to get feedback on land use, mobility, urban design, character of the area and plan implementation strategies.

Project Background

In 2007, the City of Boulder completed the Transit Village Area Plan (TVAP) outlining the future for Boulder Junction, a 160-acre area located in the geographic center of Boulder, around 30th Street, Pearl Street, Valmont Road and Foothills Parkway. The plan anticipated the development of new transit facilities and established a vision for the area to evolve into a lively, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented place where people will live, work, shop and access regional transportation. The plan identified two phases of development: Phase 1 for the area west of the existing railroad tracks and Phase 2 for the area east of the tracks.

TVAP provides the vision and sets the goals for the area, while the Transit Village Area Plan Implementation Plan, a companion document, identifies specific actions the city should take in the coming years to advance the plan’s goals and objectives. Since the adoption of TVAP, the city and private property owners have worked together to implement the vision for Phase 1 including creation of new transportation connections, affordable housing, a regional bus station and a mix of uses. Phase 1 efforts also led to the creation of the Boulder Junction Access General Improvement District-Parking (BJAGID-Parking), which manages the parking within the area of this district, and the Boulder Junction Access General Improvement District- TDM (BJAGID -TDM), which supports TDM measures in this district through additional revenue paid by properties within the boundaries of these districts. The planning horizon for the Phase 1 of redevelopment was 10 to 15 years, and the planning horizon for Phase 2 was generally 15 years. Now, 15 years after the plan was adopted, the first phase is nearing completion and it is the city’s priority to start the Phase 2 of plan implementation, known as Boulder Junction Phase 2.

Upcoming Engagement Opportunities

Thursday, June 8 - City Council Study Session

Boulder Junction Phase 2 Map

Phase 2 Project Goals

Goal 1: Regulatory Changes

  • Evaluate TVAP’s recommended land use map and designation descriptions against current and future needs, including the future impact of the nearby East Boulder Subcommunity Plan. Make amendments to TVAP as needed and update the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan to align with potential updates.
  • Evaluate the plan’s recommended mobility connections and make amendments to the Transportation Connections Plan as needed.
  • Evaluate the plan’s character districts and make updates to the descriptions and guidelines as needed.
  • Consider other zoning or code changes that should be made to guide development toward the plan vision.

Goal 2: Public Improvements Funding and Phasing

  • Provide an approach for funding and phasing of major infrastructure improvements.

Goal 3: Transportation Demand Management

  • Evaluate and expand the Transportation Demand Management program to apply to the Phase 2 area .

Goal 4: Sustainability

  • Evaluate and implement the applicable action plan strategies for social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Goal 5: Engagement

  • Inform, consult, and involve the public and key stakeholders on alternatives and a preferred approach for potential updates to TVAP’s land use designations, mobility connections or urban design and character of the area guidelines.
  • Consult key stakeholders on implementation strategies.
Boulder Junction Phase 2 Project Timeline

Boulder Junction Phase 2 Project Timeline

2022 Council Priority

City Council identified a list of the top 10 priorities for 2022 to2023. One of these priorities is Phase 2 of the Transit Village Area Plan (Boulder Junction Phase 2), which is managed out of the Comprehensive Planning division of the Planning and Development Services (P&DS) department. As the city continues to look for opportunities to achieve citywide goals, such as providing affordable housing and encouraging use of transit and alternative modes of mobility, continued implementation of the Transit Village Area Plan at Boulder Junction offers near- and long-term opportunities to advance these goals.

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