Project Overview

In August 1995, the city adopted the North Boulder Subcommunity Plan (1995 Plan, 2020 Update). The 1995 Plan envisions a “beautiful, diverse, inclusive and adaptive” North Boulder and has shaped the area there today.

However, some key elements from the 1995 Plan have not been fully realized. In 2013, the city launched a plan update with a focus on the North Broadway area and invited the community to participate. During this process, community members indicated strong support for the 1995 Plan’s overarching vision and policies. City Council also requested a focused, action-oriented plan update.

As a result, the city developed an Action Plan to advance those items from the 1995 Plan that have not been fully realized and reflect current community values. Some action items are carried forward from the 1995 Plan (with refinements) and some are new, but all actions are consistent with the 1995 Plan.

This Action Plan does not amend the 1995 Plan. It acts as an implementation guide for the next five-plus years. The city will continue to evaluate the responsiveness of the 1995 Plan and this Action Plan in relation to community priorities and development trends.

Action Plan Process and Completion

The city finalized the North Boulder Subcommunity Action Plan in October 2014.

Next Steps

  1. City staff has already begun working on some of the action items and will continue this work, including Action Item 2.3 (US 36 and Broadway mobility hub). GO Boulder staff will be conducting outreach with community members, RTD, CDOT, and Boulder County around concepts for this area.
  2. Staff will use the Action Plan to propose work plans and prioritization of funding requests for implementation.
  3. Staff will provide updates about the status of the Action Plan implementation to Planning Board and council every two years.
  4. A future, Village Center-focused North Boulder Subcommunity Plan update will be developed once the outcomes from the Fourmile Canyon Creek flood mapping and mitigation process are more certain (see page three of the Action Plan for more detailed description of the September 2013 flood’s impacts on the project).