1. Plan

  2. Design

  3. Community Engagement

  4. Complete

  5. Implement

Project Overview

After years of discussion, City Council gave final approval to the East Boulder Subcommunity Plan on Oct. 6, 2022. The plan guides the evolution of East Boulder over the next two decades into a local business hub, with variety of housing options, and an artful community that is well connected to the surrounding city and the region.

East Boulder Zoning Update

The City of Boulder is building off extensive community input from the East Boulder Subcommunity Plan, adopted in 2022. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the community on envisioning the future of East Boulder and are now making the vision happen!

This next phase of the process will result in a rezoning strategy based off of the adopted plan and updates to the city’s Form-Based Code, which may be applied to areas of change identified in the Subcommunity Plan. This will:

  • Reduce barriers to achieving the types of places we heard community members want.
  • Promote the design of buildings to strengthen their relationship to public space.
  • Enhance the unique character of the East Boulder subcommunity.
  • Nurture a more economically resilient, walkable place for businesses, workers and residents.
  • Provide more attainable and affordable housing opportunities to accommodate a growing region.
  • Encourage work spaces and commercial places for existing and new makers and merchants.

What is a Form-Based Code?

The purpose of the Form-Based Code (FBC) in Boulder is to establish building form and design standards for development within areas designated by the “Form-Based Code Areas” map, with the goal of achieving a particular type of place based on the community’s vision.
The FBC will ensure that East Boulder’s buildings and public spaces (streets, sidewalks, parking, plazas, gathering places) are designed to create high-quality, enduring places that are interconnected, accessible, and appropriately scaled.

Community Engagement

Upcoming Engagement Opportunities

May 2024:

  • Draft FBC Updates and proposed zoning map will be posted for Community Review
  • Check back for a Virtual Open House on Draft Recommendations

Summer 2024:

  • Public hearings at Planning Board and City Council

Project Timeline

Summer 2023 - Inventory and Analysis

  • Focus Groups

Fall 2023 - Rezoning and Community Benefits

  • Property Owner Outreach

Winter 2023 to Spring 2024 - Form-Based Code Draft

  • Focus Groups
  • Public Review

Summer to Fall 2024 - Final Updates

  • Decision Makers Meetings
East Boulder Zoning Update Timeline

East Boulder Subcommunity Stories