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Project Overview

The city is working with the community to create the East Boulder Subcommunity Plan. The plan will describe a future vision for East Boulder that is based on community goals and values.

Creating the East Boulder Subcommunity Plan is a two-year process. The city is currently developing a draft plan. Once complete, the plan will inform decisions in the area for decades.

Community Engagement

Thank you for your recent feedback on the 60% Draft Plan. View a summary of the Fall 2021 Engagement Period here.

Why East Boulder?

In early 2019, City Council had staff begin future planning for East Boulder, one of the city's 10 subcommunities. They prioritized East Boulder because of the high rate of change taking place in the area.

East Boulder is one of the city's top employment centers, home to large employers including Foothills Community Hospital and Ball Aerospace. Many businesses located there specialize in the scientific, research, technology and manufacturing sectors. The area is also home to urban parks, recycling centers and arts and cultural organizations, including Boulder Dinner Theater and KGNU radio.

55th and Arapahoe Station Area Master Plan (STAMP)

Within the East Boulder Subcommunity, the 55th & Arapahoe Station Area (STAMP) has been identified by adopted city plans for a future mobility hub and transit-oriented development. STAMP is a component of the larger East Boulder Subcommunity Plan process, but includes a greater level of detailed planning, analysis and design. STAMP will guide long-term transformation of the station area into a transit-oriented, connected and livable place that ideally provides a mix of housing types and land uses in proximity to transit.

Past Community Engagement

In the last engagement window, community members provided feedback on several land use concepts for the area and the Station Area Master Plan at 55th & Arapahoe. Feedback from various events and questionnaires will inform the next draft.

View the Engagement Plan for this project and the project's Engagement Scrapbook, which details all engagement events to date.

East Boulder Working Group

The East Boulder Working Group supports the subcommunity planning process. The group is made up of area stakeholders and typically holds monthly meetings that are open to the public. The next meeting is Thursday, January 13 from 1 to 3 p.m. Learn more about the East Boulder Working Group.

60% Draft Plan Informational Videos

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