Waste Hauler Reporting

Information and instructions for required annual waste hauler reporting.


Waste hauling companies operating in the City of Boulder are required to annually report the types and quantities of materials removed, and where they are taken. These hauler requirements allow the city to approximate how much waste is being generated in Boulder, and how much is being diverted from landfills. Participation is vital to calculating Boulder's diversion rate, and helps the city reach its goal of diverting 85% of its waste from landfills by 2025.

Data is reported through the Re-TRAC platform and the deadline for submitting the prior year's data is January 31 each year.

General Instructions, Tips and Notes

Watch Training Video

Assemble Required Information

  • Municipalities serviced
  • Type of service(s) provided (regularly scheduled, roll-off, one-time, drop-off)
  • Numbers of accounts/pickups by sector (single family residential, multi-family residential, commercial)
  • Material categories collected (recycling, compost, landfill, other materials depending on type of service and sector)
  • Volume(s) of material(s) collected
  • Destination(s) where the materials were taken

Keep Records

Weight tickets and other documentation may be requested.

Use the BCRC

The City of Boulder requires that recyclables collected from within city limits be hauled to the Boulder County Recycling Center (BCRC), with a few specific exceptions. See the last section of the associated City Manager's Rules for details.

Re-TRAC Instructions, Tips and Notes


Re-TRAC software is for reporting trash, recyclables and compostables hauled from within the City of Boulder, Unincorporated Boulder County and other municipalities. Haulers may enter data for all municipalities they service and list in the Re-TRAC Annual Service Summary form; however, each municipality is separately responsible for reviewing and compiling their own data.

All data reported to the City of Boulder shall be treated as confidential commercial documents under the provisions of the Colorado Open Records Act, Section 24-72-201, C.R.S., et seq.

Log In or Create New Account

Log into an existing account. If you don't know or remember the log in credentials, please email Antonia Gallegos to change users and/or reset the password. Please do not create a new account if your organization already has one.

If your organization has not previously reported through the Re-TRAC tool, please register for a new account.

Be Accurate

The Annual Service Summary you complete in the first step will tell the software what Individual Service Surveys to provide for your completion next.

Save Drafts

You may save drafts with partial information but please complete and submit responses already started instead of creating new responses.

Be Complete

All cells in each table must contain an entry. Enter zeros in the data fields for sectors not serviced.

Be Consistent

Use consistent units of measure and ensure the unit selected on the drop-down menu is correct for the sector being reported.

Include Destinations

If the material destination is not provided on the drop-down list, select “Other” and fill in the name of the appropriate location.

Provide Descriptions

Describe any data anomalies or uncommon materials in the comments section provided, and/or contact the city directly to discuss it.

Submit Surveys

Once “Submit to Program” is selected, the data is locked and unable to be altered except by a Re-TRAC administrator.