Information About Valmont Bike Park

The park will is open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. The park may be closed occasionally due to special events, for maintenance or weather/trail conditions. Closures will be posted at the park and on Valmont Bike Park Facebook and Twitter pages.

Individual use of the park is FREE. There is no charge for admission. A fee is assessed for groups, rentals, events and commercial uses.

We appreciate community support!

The City of Boulder permits class 1 and class 2 e-bikes on sidewalks (except in dismount zones), multi-use paths, bike lanes and streets. This includes bike paths at Boulder Reservoir, Coot Lake and Valmont Bike Park.

If you are interested in holding a program or group activity please contact us at

Bike and helmet rentals are not available at the park, but there are several local bike shops that offer rentals.

During the spring, summer, and fall, the property is irrigated to assist with the durability of the trails and ensure the health of the vegetation. Because the trails have certain moisture content needs, we have to water for short increments throughout the day, meaning that you may incur some water when you are riding.

Safety first! We highly recommend wearing helmets and protective gear when riding in the park.

Yes, there are ADA Accessible year-round restrooms and seasonal drinking fountain available in the park's plaza.

There is no age requirement to participate at the park, but minors 12 years old and younger should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Please call 911 for all emergencies and remember to convey the closest trail and parking lot. There is no onsite medical assistance.

The trails within the park are designed specifically for bike use - and walking or running on the trails is discouraged.

Dogs are welcome at the nearby dog park, located on the northeast corner of Valmont City Park - but should not be brought to the Valmont Bike Park or on any of its trails for safety reasons. It is against the law to leave your dog tied up unattended as well as leaving your dog off leash.

Yes, the park is easily accessible by bike using Boulder's network of multi-purpose trails and bike lanes. There are bike racks located by the restrooms and on the south side by the storage building.

Cyclists ride the park at their own risk. Off-road cycling is inherently dangerous. All riders must take personal responsibility for their own safety and actions at the park. Please obey all park signs and do not attempt features that are beyond your skill level.

The trails require a certain moisture content in order to not fall apart. However, in times of heavy rain or snow, the amount of moisture falling from the sky can be excessive, causing the trails to be overly wet. If they are ridden on at this time, it can cause serious problems, and future safety concern. During the summer these periods can be brief, however in the cooler times of the year, especially during the freeze/thaw cycles it can take a lot of time for the ground to dry out. We appreciate your patience during these times, and trust us—we would rather be open too.