Give Back to Your Local Recreation Programs and Parks

We need your help now more than ever to keep community parks and public spaces beautiful and clean for recreation. We value our volunteers and hope you will join us!

Parks and Recreation provides many opportunities to volunteer for ongoing volunteer programs or one day projects. You may also fill out a group volunteer project request and we will determine if we have a project opportunity that aligns with the interest of your group. Please be aware that we may not be able to fill all requests.

Ongoing programs and projects will return in spring 2022

The park champ, flower bed and litter champ programs will begin again in spring 2022. We extend our sincere gratitude to all volunteers who joined us. Stay tuned for more opportunities in 2022.

Volunteer Programs

Parks and Recreation CHAMPS

Want to give back to the community you love? Sign up to be a CHAMP volunteer and help maintain a park you love. We have three ways to become a CHAMP:

  • Park Champ - Help with general park maintenance in a park you love. Get started by filling out the Park Champ Application in Count Me In and choose the location you prefer.
  • Flower Bed Champ - Help maintain flower beds in one of our parks. Get started by filling out the Flower Bed Champ Application in Count Me In and choose the location you prefer.
  • Litter Champ - Help keep a favorite park clean and beautiful. Get started by filling out the Litter Champ Application in Count Me In and choose the location you prefer.

Natural Lands Outreach Volunteers

Natural Lands Outreach Volunteers welcome and educate the users along the North Shore of the Boulder Reservoir and Coot lake about aquatic nuisance species, area-specific rules, and wildlife closures. While staffing the table and patrolling, volunteers will collect data on visitor patterns, volume, and behavior. When volunteers observe rule violations, they will contact staff that can provide further education when appropriate. Volunteers will not provide any type of enforcement, as this position will focus on monitoring and education only.

To apply, fill out the Natural Lands Outreach Volunteer Application in Count Me In!

Prairie Dog Monitor

Prairie Dog Monitors observe and record Prairie Dog numbers in a specified location North of the Boulder Reservoir for 3 hours during each monitoring shift. These counts have been kept for over 15 years and help inform projects and management of the Boulder Reservoir. Volunteer must have experience using binoculars. Wildlife monitoring experience is highly recommended. We will be accepting applications beginning in May of 2022 for the June, July and August counts.

Parks & Recreation Master Plan Update