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Volunteer Impact

Volunteer Impact


​Year after year, thousands of volunteers lend their time and energy to help us make Boulder a better place for all. Thank you to all the volunteers that make a difference in our community every day.  

In 2019 the City of Boulder had  7,000 incredible volunteers who gave 80,057 hours of service . This impact amounts to around $2.2 million in wage value and more than 38 years of full-time work for a single person.   


Volunteer Impact Areas

Find out more about the incredible volunteers that participated in dozens of programs from across the city.

In 2019, 204 volunteers served on various boards and commissions, contributing 18,025 hours of service.

Volunteers served on boards for the arts, downtown management, chatauqua, transportation, planning and more. 


In 2019, the Boulder Public Library had 986 volunteers in volunteers who contributed 22,335 hours.

That's more than $600,000 in wage value. The arts deparment had  33 volunteers who contributed 132 hours of volunteer service.


  • One-one-one literacy and language tutoring for 94 adult learners (83 volunteers, 4,122 hours)
  • Registering 3,365 children for the library’s Summer of Discovery Program (73 teen volunteers, 1,095 hours)
  • Maria Rogers Oral History Program created 35 new oral histories (33 volunteers)
  • 35,000 donated books made available to the public for $1-$2 (55 volunteers)
  • Several thousand library materials to our homebound patrons (57 volunteers)


What fabulous work you are doing! Thanks to you and your volunteers for keeping this program strong, and for the creative new applications you have found for our community’s oral histories.”

“I love BoulderReads, and you are a gem. It’s a privilege to work with the organization and there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll be back.”  - Bobby R., a Homebound Delivery volunteer who brings library materials to community members who would otherwise not be able to get to the library. “My patron is a voracious reader and is always grateful for the latest delivery.”

“I just want to say thank you for all your help and your support for me while I was in Boulder. I really can’t say enough about Boulder Reads program. It was the only reason that I felt I’m in home with a great family. Would you please thank everyone in behalf of me? I really want to keep contact with you guys. This is my email address. Thank you all!” – Afnan (from Saudi Arabia) 

I feel blessed to have been matched with two wonderful people since I started working with you.” – Diane V. 

 “Karen, thanks for always having an open door.” – Kristen M.  

“My student consistently blew me away with how present and dedicated he was during our meetings, despite a challenging living situation and working long, hard hours. He was extremely motivated, and it was a pleasure to see his confidence in reading with his son grow. Before we started, he had never had a library card, but soon started bringing his whole family to the library weekly to look at and take out books.” – Nell G.  


In 2019, the Ctiy Manager's Office had 30 volunteers who contributed 1,600 hours of service. 

Volunteers helped with programs like Building Bridges, planning for Community Cleanup Month and serving on the Police Oversight Task Force.


Housing and Human Services had 216 volunteers in 2019 who contributed 3,257 hours

These programs that help vulnerable populations in the Boulder Community.


The city's Open Space and Mountain Parks had 2,219 volunteers in 2019 who contributed a total of 18,840 hours of service.

Volunteer Highlights

1,748 one-day volunteers gave 6,438 hours

  • 582 volunteers gave 3,238 hours on the trails, maintaining or constructing 12,053 feet of trail.
  • 1,177 volunteers gave 3,200 hours towards restoration, agricultural or trailhead projects
  • 187 of these one-day volunteers were youth

460 on-going volunteers participated in assignments and programs which contributed 12,402 hours

  • Volunteer naturalists offered 205 programs for youth and 36 public nature hikes.
  • Interagency Boulder Mountain Bike Patrollers assisted hundreds of visitors with directions, mechanical assistance and called for help in medical situations.
  • The Flagstaff Nature Center, which is run 100% by outreach host volunteers, welcomed 6,191 visitors in 2019.
  • Ranger Cottage host volunteers contributed 1,547 hours to provide essential information and assistance to visitors.
  • Volunteers supported important community events such as meadow music and wellness programming.
  • Raptor Monitor Volunteers protect successful nest sites with annual data collection. Peregrine Falcons, Prairie Falcons, Bald Eagles & Golden Eagles produced 20 fledglings in 2019.


 "I use the trails and parks so much that it's good to give back. Volunteering with y'all is fun and provides community bonding. Building trails is rewarding because I know they will be there for years and be used by me and my family.”

"OSMP's natural assets and people are world class. I'm proud to be even a small part of such an amazing organization. I chose to volunteer as a way to contribute to the community in the places that make it special. I hope to make more of an impact in my first full year as a volunteer any way I can.”

Love the Open Space lands, and the chance to help people appreciate these precious and spectacular resources. Also like and respect staff and other volunteers and enjoy working together. Hopefully I helped many people appreciate our open space.”


In 2019, Boulder Parks and Recreation had 2,727 volunteers who contributed 21,693 hours of service.

Volunteer Highlights

Over half of BPR volunteer hours are from long term participants that support us in one or more of our 47 diverse programs

  • 79% of Volunteer groups were returning
  • 130 children's faces painted 
  • 108 bags noxious weeds removed
  • 21 truck loads of brush removed 
  • 100 gifts wrapped for YSI youth 
  • 2910 flowers and trees planted
  • 20 Community Clean Up Month Projects


"Our local youth club adopted a park garden! We not only like the educational and community building aspects. We love that our gardening adds beauty to our neighborhood for all to enjoy. Bonus: It helps the bees!"  - Candice B.  w with the Adopt-a-Flower-Bed Program

"We love being stewards of our creek and it fits with our company's values. Also, it's so easy to get materials for the cleanup! Thank you!" - Faith C. with Boulder Creek Adoptions.

"I love giving back to a community that has given so much to me... and I love my fellow volunteers!"  - Chris A. with Adopt-a-Park

"Working with Park staff is an empowering experience, and it is our pleasure to be their partners in maintaining the Park and promoting disc golf." - Patrick A. with Adopt-a-Disc Golf 


In 2019, the Boulder Polilce Department had 45 volunteers who contributed 1,198 hours .


Public works had 634 volunteers in 2019 who contributed 3,773 hours of service. 

  • 1918 miles of path cleaned
  • 970 bags to trash
  • 192 adoption site visits
  • 6 Community Clean up Month projects



2019 Volunteer Appreciation


Get involved

Boulder is fortunate to have an active and engaged community, and there is always room for more to join in. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit

About the Volunteer Cooperative

The City of Boulder’s Volunteer Cooperative is composed of volunteer coordinators and staff from all city departments who work with community volunteers. We work together to enhance community engagement, increase collaboration and ensure the highest quality volunteer experience possible.

Our mission is to support a community of service. Our vision is an integrated network of resources and opportunities to strengthen community stewardship.