Year after year, thousands of volunteers lend their time and energy to help us make Boulder a better place for all. Volunteers help us provide valued programs and services. From one-time events to ongoing commitments, the City of Boulder offers a wide range of rewarding volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups.

Ways to Volunteer

Here are some of the many ways you can volunteer for the City of Boulder:

  • Enable access and learning at your library: Library volunteers help ensure library programs and services run smoothly and opportunities are available to all community members

  • Give back to Boulder's open space: Open Space and Mountain Parks volunteers help support programs, projects and events year-round.

  • Lend a hand at local parks: Parks and Recreation volunteer opportunities are available to people of all ages. Volunteers help contribute to varied projects at facilities, parks and natural areas.

  • Beautify Boulder by adopting an area: Community members and organizations to adopt an area in the city to keep debris-free. Learn this and other Public Works volunteer opportunities.

  • Help strengthen public safety: Boulder Police Department has a variety of public safety volunteer opportunities, with recruitment for victim's advocates occurring in January and March each year.

Volunteer opportunity

View Volunteer Opportunities

Access Count Me In Boulder to learn about volunteer opportunities with open space, parks, libraries and more.

Volunteers Make a Difference

In 2020, many people weren't able to volunteer as they have in the past. Even so, while the city had fewer volunteers than previous years, many volunteers gave more hours per person than in the past. This is an example of how our community works together in difficult times. Overall, despite the pandemic, 2,600 people volunteered for the city in 2020, giving 48,000 hours of their time and energy.

In 2019, a more typical year, the City of Boulder had 7,000 volunteers who gave 80,057 hours of service. This impact amounts to more than 38 years of full-time work for a single person. We thank all our volunteers for their service and dedication.

About the Volunteer Cooperative

The City of Boulder’s Volunteer Cooperative is composed of volunteer coordinators and staff from all city departments who work with community volunteers. Its mission to support a community of service. The City of Boulder was the second municipal government to receive Service Enterprise certification and it joined  the top 11% of organizations in the country in volunteer management and organizational performance.

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