Opportunities are listed by age categories. We try to keep this info current but can’t guarantee that all organizations need volunteers right now. Most organizations listed have more volunteer opportunities than can be listed here. Call the contact organizations directly to see what’s currently available.

The city cannot recommend or endorse any of these groups and suggests you ask questions and do your own research before making any commitment. As always, if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any time you should immediately talk to a trusted adult and ask for help.

All Ages

  • Boulder Bridge House - Most volunteer opportunities are available Monday through Friday, with occasional events on weekends. Volunteers serve dinners, prepare food, support at special events, etc.
  • Boulder Public Library - Some examples of volunteer service include children’s special events, summer events, book sales, concerts, cultural events, reading projects, advising the library, etc.
  • Colorado Shakespeare Festival - The Colorado Shakespeare Festival seeks volunteers throughout the year to serve as ushers or part of production and education and outreach. High school students may also attend workplace practicum throughout the school year.
  • Cultivate - Volunteers are needed to help senior citizens and ensure that they stay connected within their community. Activities include Carry Out Caravan (providing weekly grocery deliveries), SnowBusters (helping shovel snow), Fix-It (performing simple repairs), etc.
    • 6325 Gunpark Dr #F
    • 303-443-1933
  • Cure Organic Farm - This is a totally organic farm which grows vegetables. Cure is open to volunteers Thursdays from 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM, mid-April to mid-October. You need to be self-motivated, and energetic. No need to call ahead of time, just show up during volunteer hours and be prepared to get your hands dirty.
  • Eco-Cycle - Volunteers have many ways to help their community, whether it be through becoming an Eco Leader, distributing guides, becoming an “expert”, or spreading the Zero-Waste solution. Sign up to volunteer through their website.
  • Growing Gardens - The Growing Gardens Project is an organic urban farm accessible by bike or bus managed by teens. Youth can volunteer to work alongside participants growing organic produce and gleaning fresh food for donation or volunteer in the Children’s Peace Garden, the orchard, greenhouses, Horticultural Therapy gardens or Community Gardens spring through fall. Sign up to volunteer through their website.
  • Jewish Community Center - This cultural center needs volunteers who are able to help with occasional special events (ie. setting up chairs, serving refreshments, helping with mailings) and upkeep with the community garden. Register for specific events and dates through their website.
    • 6007 Oreg Ave
    • 303-998-1900
  • Open Studios - Open Studios, a non-profit visual arts organization, uses volunteers to help with fun events. Volunteer duties may include helping artists set up booths, working in our information kiosk, assisting children during art classes and other art activities, setting up and serving at our public receptions and helping our staff with mailings and other office tasks.
  • Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado - Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) is a statewide, nonprofit volunteer organization whose mission is to motivate and enable people to be active stewards of Colorado’s natural resources. VOC provides hands -on volunteer opportunities for people of all ages to help care for outdoor places and resources. Opportunities to get involved range from wildfire and flood restoration, to trail construction and restoration, to planting trees in urban parks between April and October. Opportunities are available in Boulder and the Front Range.
  • Wildland Restoration Volunteers - Youth participate in hands-on outdoor activities including building and maintaining hiking trails, planting native plants, removing invasive species, collecting native seeds, and installing erosion control structures. Sign up available through the website.

Minimum Age 14

  • Audio Information Network of Colorado - This organization provides on the air broadcast of local newspapers and other print format materials for Colorado’s blind, visually impaired and print disabled. Fluent Spanish speakers are especially welcome. Volunteers will be required to pass a reading audition which is at adult reading level, and must commit for a minimum of one year.
  • Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks - OSMP offers a variety of projects, including restoration, trail building, agriculture, ditch maintenance, vegetation management, forestry projects, and seed collections. Volunteers can choose to participate in one-day or multi-day service projects.
  • Boulder Parks and Recreation - Volunteers work in city parks and boulder creek removing trash and weeds, and performing light maintenance. All volunteers need to sign a waiver and choose the location they want to work at.
  • Boulder Public Works Volunteer Program - Volunteers can participate in a variety of programs including beautifying of the public domain and overall community well-being, clean ups, and shoveling after snow events.
  • Garden to Table - Youth will be helping Growe maintain gardens at BVSD schools with Garden to Table programs.
  • Harvest of Hope Pantry - Volunteers will be receiving deliveries from Boulder Food Rescue and other food donors; sorting, shelving and stocking perishable and non-perishable food. Fill out the online application to begin.
    • 4830 Pearl St
    • 720-382-1971
  • I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County - After school tutors are needed to work with groups of low-income students (Dreamers). Tutors would primarily help 4 with homework and study skills or will be facilitating math and literacy workshops. Other areas for volunteering include helping with Adopt a Family (holiday gift drives) and Back to School drives.
  • MESA: Moving to End Sexual Assault - Volunteers participate in violence prevention programs (Safe Bars), raise awareness about sexual violence, or plan and organize fundraising events.
  • Thorne Nature Experience - Volunteers and interns receive real-world work experience with a successful, decades-old nonprofit. Benefits include resume-building, mentorship, development of teaching techniques, professional references, and the personal fulfillment gained from knowing you have helped impact the lives of our community’s youth and protect the environment.

Minimum Age 15

  • American Red Cross - Plan and organize projects that benefit your community and support the mission of the American Red Cross. Please visit their website for the most current information about our organization and volunteering.
    • 444 Sherman St., Denver
    • 303-722-7474
  • Boulder County Audubon Society - Boulder County Audubon Society needs volunteers to participate in bird counts and wildlife monitoring and to help with habitat restoration programs (including seed collecting or weeding). The teen group meets monthly throughout the school year to pursue nature photography, wildlife inventories, and wildlands restoration work.
  • Boulder Valley School District - All Boulder Valley elementary, middle, and high schools can use volunteers to work with students in, and after school and weekend programs. If interested, contact the principal or your teacher at the individual school.
    • 6500 Arapahoe Road
    • 303-447-1010
  • Creekside Elementary School - Creekside welcomes and greatly values family involvement at the school. We recognize volunteering is not a one size fits all activity, so school staff and our CPO help every family who wants to volunteer find a way that meets their individual needs and schedule. Visit their website to learn more about signing up for volunteering opportunities.
    • 3740 Martin Dr
    • 720-561-3800
  • Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center - Various volunteer opportunities exist at this nonprofit organization related to peace, justice, and nonviolent social change. Projects can range from creating leaflets & stuffing envelopes, to organizing rallies.
  • Boulder YMCA - Every YMCA across the nation is volunteer founded, volunteer led and volunteer based. Duties range in responsibility from reading to our preschool students to coaching youth sports to greeting members at our front desk.

Minimum Age 16

  • Center for People with Disabilities - Areas in which volunteers support include brain injury support group to volunteers, assisting visually impaired and blind seniors, development and fundraising, and independent living services.
  • Emergency Family Assistance Association - Volunteers help run operations in the food bank, work with kids in our Children’s Program, serve on our Board of Directors and so much more.
  • Humane Society of Boulder Valley - Volunteers currently support the animals’ daily care at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. Volunteers in this program provide care for shelter animals through a variety of cleaning tasks, such as dog kennel cleaning, laundry and dishes, and other cleaning tasks. Volunteers should be able to bend, scoop, lift and stand for extended periods of time.
  • New Era Colorado - New Era Colorado is reinventing politics for our generation through innovative social and political action. Help us reach out and get young people involved in the political process.

Additional Information

Many youth volunteer by helping their neighbors (for example: walking their dog, raking leaves, babysitting, etc.). Many also volunteer at their school or faith based organization. You can volunteer in Boulder anywhere that you wish, you are not limited to this list. However, volunteering for your family does not count

Things to think about

  • What are your interests? Are there particular issues that you really care about?
  • What do you like? What do you dislike?
  • What would you like to learn about?
  • What do you want to gain from this volunteer experience?
  • What skills or talents would you like to share with others? What are you good at?
  • What skills or talents would you like to acquire?
  • When would you be free to volunteer?
  • Is the volunteer location within Boulder city limits?
  • What transportation would you use to get there?

Reasons to volunteer

  • Expand your horizons
  • Share your time and talents with others
  • Do something worth doing
  • Learn new skills and gain valuable experience
  • Build self-confidence
  • Make new friends and have fun
  • Make a difference
  • Strengthen your resume
  • Feel involved


  1. Look over this list of opportunities, and choose 1 or more that sound interesting to you. Think of what questions you have about volunteering there.
  2. Call the phone number listed. The “contact” person’s name is who you ask for. If that person no longer works there, or isn’t in, ask if there is anyone else you can talk to about volunteering.
  3. Not all volunteer opportunities will work for you, but do not get discouraged. Sometimes what you thought would work may not be the right fit. Try again.
  4. Sometimes you might need to leave a message. You could say, “My name is _________, I am interested in volunteering. Please call me at ___________________ (phone #).”
  5. When you talk to a person, tell them your name, why you would like to volunteer at that particular place, and how many hours you want to volunteer.
  6. You can ask them any questions you have, and they might ask you some (such as your age, what you’re interested in doing, and when you can come in). You may want to go visit the place. Decide if it sounds like a place you’d like to volunteer.
  7. Once you decide where to volunteer, write down where you need to go and when, and the name and phone number of the person you’ll be volunteering for to help you remember.
  8. Be dependable and follow through on your commitment. Organizations rely heavily on your time, skills and energy. Follow the rules of the agency. Their rules, dress code and safety measure are there to protect you, the agency and their clients.

For more volunteer ideas

Check with your neighbors and friends. You can also check with your teachers, librarian, church, or local recreation centers.

If you have questions

For questions about a specific agency, call or email the contact person listed. If you don’t hear back from them in 3 days, try again. If you still need help call Mario Martinez-Varelas at the City of Boulder, Youth Opportunities Program, 720-498-2482.

About this list

We try to keep this information current, but we can’t guarantee that it is. If you learn that anything on this list is inaccurate, please call us at 720-498-2482, or email Mario at MartinezVarelasM@bouldercolorado.gov. This list was compiled by the City of Boulder’s Youth Opportunities Program.

For more information about the City of Boulder Youth Opportunities Program

Go to www.yoab.org or call Mario at 720-498-2482