Why did my property receive a hang tag for backflow noncompliance?

According to city records, we did not receive all of the required annual backflow prevention assembly test(s) for your property this calendar year. This is a violation of city and state regulations.

Follow the below steps to get your property back into compliance. If we do not receive the required tests for the backflow devices on your property, or we do not hear from you within 10 days of when you received the hang tag at your property, the city will initiate water service shut-offs.

What do I need to do to comply and avoid water shut-off or fines?

Find a certified backflow assembly tester and schedule the required test(s)

Find a certified backflow assembly tester and schedule the required test(s) for all of the backflow assemblies on your property as soon as possible.

The city does not keep a list of certified backflow assembly testers. If your existing backflow assembly has been tested before, it should have a tag that shows the previous tester’s contact information. You can also search online or contact your plumber for a recommendation. Ensure the tester you choose is certified with either The American Backflow Prevention Association or The American Society of Sanitary Engineers.

Contact us to let us know your backflow test(s) are scheduled

Email nobackflow@bouldercolorado.gov (preferred) or call 303-413-7401 to let us know that your backflow test(s) are scheduled. When you email or call, please provide:

  • Your name
  • Your City of Boulder water account number
  • The property address
  • Your phone number
  • The number of devices on your property that will be tested
  • The scheduled test date
  • The name of the certified tester and company you are using

Ask the certified tester to submit completed tests to the city within two business days. 

Only certified testers can enter test reports into the city’s online portal. Tell the testing company that it is urgent and your water service may be shut off if the city does not receive the required test report(s). Request copies of all tests and ask the company to confirm when they were submitted to the city.

No action is required to confirm that your tests were received by the city

No action is required to confirm that your tests were received by the city. If you would like confirmation, please wait at least five business days after the tests were completed to email or call the city to confirm your tests were completed. It can take several days for certified testers to enter test reports in the city’s portal.

I had all of the backflow prevention assemblies at my property tested in this calendar year. Why did I receive this hang tag?

Please follow up with your backflow testing company to ensure that they have uploaded the test(s) to the city's backflow portal. Any questions can be emailed nobackflow@bouldercolorado.gov (preferred) or call 303-413-7401 to resolve questions. It’s possible that there was an error when the test report(s) for your property were submitted, or there may be multiple devices at your property and some were missed.

What is backflow prevention and why is it important?

Backflow prevention is critical to keeping the city’s drinking water supply safe for all community members. Plus, backflow prevention is required by the Boulder Revised Code and State of Colorado drinking water regulations. Failure to comply with backflow prevention requirements can result in water service shut-off and fines.