What We Do

Boulder Fire-Rescue's Wildland Division provides initial fire attack for wildland fires on city-owned and managed land throughout Boulder County, including Open Space, Public Works and Parks locations. Boulder Fire-Rescue also works closely in coordination of wildfire response with neighboring fire districts as well as with Boulder County.

Other Wildland Division Activities

While the primary expectation of the Wildland Division is to respond to and prepare for wildland fires, wildland firefighters also spend a considerable amount of time working with partner agencies on wildfire risk mitigation strategies. The division prepares and implements prescribed fire burns, assists with forest thinning and supports the community in pre-planning and improving safety.

Training and Experience

Our Wildland Division has over 150 years of combined experience as wildland firefighters, with a team of up to 10 full-time firefighters. Our firefighters have worked on wildland fires across the county and are trained to serve as members of national Incident Management Teams. Their skills and qualifications include National Wildland Coordination Group (NWCG) taskbook certifications such as:

  • NWCG Single Resource Boss: Engine, Crew, Helicopter and Heavy Equipment
  • NWCG Command and General Staff: Operations Section Chief, Division Supervisor, Incident Commander

Our team supports and helps train with local and regional fire management partners. We serve as subject matter experts, board members, and instructors for several fire management entities such as:

  • Front Range Wildfire Cooperators
  • Colorado Wildfire Incident Management Academy
  • International Association of Fire Chiefs (wildland section)
  • Colorado Prescribed Fire Council

Our team also provides ongoing support and leadership with the city as we strive to reduce local wildfire risk and increase community awareness. We work closely with City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks on wildland fire risk mitigation and management.