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2013 Election Information

2013 Election Information






On November 5, 2013, the following candidates were elected to council:
4 year term    Matt Appelbaum
2 year term    Macon Cowles
4 year term    Andrew Shoemaker
4 year term    Sam Weaver
4 year term    Mary Young




Listed below are the candidates who requested and were approved to receive matching funds:

08-29-2013  Sam Weaver
09-09-2013  Mary Young
09-16-2013  Micah Parkin
09-24-2013  Macon Cowles
09-27-2013  Andrew Shoemaker
10-01-2013  Edward Byrne
10-01-2013  John Gerstle
10-07-2013  Matt Appelbaum
10-21-2013  Jonathan Dings




Election guidelines are available online (see link to the right).


Independent Expenditures in Excess of $200

An individual who spends in excess of $200 to either support or oppose a candidate(s) to city council must file reports with the City Clerk following the timetable in the BRC 13-2-10 Independent Expenditures. This includes appropriate disclosure that includes the name of the person financing the election material as found in BRC 13-2-13 Election Materials and Advertising Supporting or Opposing Candidate to Contain Sponsor's Name.


Complaints or Violations

Any registered elector of the City of Boulder who believes there has been a violation of the CFR Initiative may file written complaint (on Form 13-4-2) and send it to the City Clerk's Office. The form must be complete and include the Boulder Revised Code (BRC) believed to be in violation. The City Clerk's Office will respond to the person filing the complaint within 10 days.

For more information, please contact Ali Darrow.

The Committee Guideline contains information regarding restricted and prohibited activities during elections. In particular, we are highlighting two restrictions:

  • Restrictions on Contributions in Another's Name - Potential contributors are prohibited from making a contribution in someone else's name.  Candidates and committees are prohibited from knowingly accepting a contribution from one person in the name of another person (BRC 13-3-4).
  • Restrictions on Contributions by City Contractors - Anyone who is negotiating with the City or is under contract with the City to provide personal services, materials, supplies, equipment or for selling land or a building to the City is prohibited from making a contribution to a candidate, committee or to any person for any political purpose or use in a city election if the payment for the services, supplies, etc. is even partially appropriated by City Council.  Contractors also are prohibited from promising to make such a contribution or to knowingly solicit such a contribution for someone else (BRC 13-3-3).


For more information, call or email the City Clerk's Office/Elections.

Sign Code Violation are handled by Code Enforcement. Call non-emergency dispatch 24/7 at 303-441-3333.

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