Information about City of Boulder Elections

Election Results

The Boulder County Clerk's Office certified the Nov. 8, 2022, election. Official results are available at:

2022 Ballot Items

The following six measures appeared on the ballot for the Nov. 8 2022 Special Municipal Election.

Two Ballot Issues (TABOR)

  • Ordinance 8542 - The creation of a new Climate Tax and to repeal the existing Climate Action Plan Excise Tax and the Utility Occupation Tax: and
  • A City of Boulder debt increase if the voters approve the Climate Tax ballot issue

Four Ballot Questions

  • Ordinance 8534 - To repeal Ordinance 8483, regarding the annexation of CU South
  • Ordinance 8539 - To repeal the Library Commission and Tax if a Library District is created
  • Ordinance 8540 - A Charter Amendment to allow candidates to run for only one office at an election
  • Ordinance 8546 - A Charter Amendment to change regular municipal elections to even numbered years

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's Office at 1750 33rd St., Suite 200, by calling 303-413-7740 .

Contact the City Clerk's Office at or call 303-441-3079 .

Tuesday November 8th, 2022

13-3-2. Allegation of Election Code Violation by Registered Elector.
(a) A registered elector of the city may file a complaint with the city clerk alleging that any provision of Chapter 13-2, "Campaign Finance, Disclosure and Reporting Requirements," B.R.C. 1981, of this title has been violated. The complaint shall be in writing and must be submitted no later than forty-five days following any election in which it is alleged that the violation occurred. The complaint shall:

(1) Identify the particular provisions of Chapter 13-2, "Campaign Finance, Disclosure and Reporting Requirements" that allegedly were violated;
(2) Identify the person violating the stated provisions (the "respondent");
(3) State the factual basis for that allegation;
(4) Identify any relevant documents or other evidence;
(5) Identify any witnesses or persons with relevant knowledge; and
(6) State whether the person filing the complaint (the "complainant") is willing to pursue the complaint through a hearing process as provided for in this chapter if the city clerk determines a hearing is necessary.

(b) The city clerk will notify the respondent and may provide the respondent an opportunity to provide information or otherwise respond to the allegations of the complaint.