Police Oversight in Boulder

Ordinance 8609 was adopted by the City Council on Oct. 19, 2023. The ordinance amends Title 2, Chapter 11 of the Boulder Revised Code, establishing the Office of the Independent Monitor and the Police Oversight Panel.

Office of the Independent Police Monitor

The Council created the role of the police monitor to review the handling of complaints, to analyze trends in policing and recommend improvements to police practices, and to increase transparency around police oversight.

Office of the Independent Police Monitor

Police Oversight Panel

The Police Oversight Panel was created by the Council to increase community involvement in police oversight and to ensure that historically excluded communities have a voice in police oversight.

Police Oversight Panel

How to File a Complaint Against a Member of the Boulder Police Department

Online Form

Fill out and submit an online complaint form:

Anonymous Complaints

You may file a complaint anonymously, but if you do not provide an email address it may be impossible to inform you of the outcome of your complaint.

  • If you wish to file an anonymous complaint, please consider providing an anonymous email address.

Audio and Video Recordings

Colorado Revised Statute § 24-31-902(2) requires law enforcement agencies to release audio and video recordings, upon request by any member of the public, of incidents associated with a complaint of peace officer misconduct.

  • Please read C.R.S. § 24-31-902(2) to know what qualifies for a mandatory release, the timeline for release, what is considered a privacy interest and how those privacy interests will be protected.

What Happens After I File a Complaint?

  1. Submission

    Once you file a complaint, it will be transmitted to both the Office of the Independent Police Monitor and the Boulder Police Department’s Professional Standards Unit.

  2. Classification

    The monitor will classify your complaint based on Boulder Police Departments Rules and General Orders.

  3. Investigation

    The Professional Standards Unit or the subject officer’s immediate supervisor will conduct the investigation of the allegations. The monitor will observe interviews with officers, witnesses and complainants and conduct a review of the department’s investigation to ensure the investigation was fair, thorough and complete. The monitor may make recommendations to the department regarding the investigation, disposition, and discipline to be imposed.

  4. Review

    Once the investigation is complete, but before a final determination has been made by the department, the all-civilian Police Oversight Panel will have the opportunity to review your complaint and the department’s investigation. The oversight panel may make recommendations to the department regarding disposition and discipline to be imposed. Regardless of whether or not the panel provides any recommendations for your case, the monitor reviews all complaint investigations to ensure that they are complete and thorough.

  5. Notification

    You will be informed of the outcome of your complaint by the Boulder Police Department. Upon completion of the panel’s review process, you will also receive a letter from the monitor indicating whether the oversight panel selected your case for review and whether the monitor or panel made any recommendations regarding your case.