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Landmarks Board Meeting 09/06/2023 22:00 09/06/2023 18:00 America/Denver <p class="address" translate="no"><span class="locality">Boulder</span>, <span class="administrative-area">CO</span><br> <span class="country">United States</span></p> MM/DD/YYYY CONFIRMED OPAQUE

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Webinar ID: 865 4961 3062

Passcode: None

Or Telephone:
+1 719 359 4580 US

The meeting will be held virtually.

If you need Spanish interpretation or other language-related assistance for this meeting, please call 303-441-1905 at least three business days prior to the meeting. Si usted necesita interpretación o cualquier otra ayuda con relación al idioma para esta junta, por favor comuníquese al 303-441-1905 por lo menos 3 días laborales antes de la junta.



  1. Call to Order
  2. Oath of Office for New Landmarks Board Member Renee Golobic
  3. Approval of minutes from the July 12, 2023 meeting
  4. Public Participation for Non-Public Hearing Items
  5. Discussion of Landmark Alteration, Demolition Applications issued and pending
    • 1741 Walnut St. – Stay of Demolition expires September 19, 2023
  6. Public Hearings
  1. Public hearing and consideration of an application to designate the building and property at 604 Mapleton Ave. as a local Historic Landmark, pursuant to Section 9-11-5 of the Boulder Revised Code, 1981 and under the procedures prescribed by chapter 1-3, “Quasi-Judicial Hearings,” B.R.C. 1981. (HIS2023-00128). Owner/Applicant: Judith Reid and Richard Collins
  2. Public hearing and consideration of a Landmark Alteration Certificate application to replace metal roof with asphalt shingle at 910 Spruce St. in the Mapleton Hill Historic District, pursuant to Section 9-11-18 of the Boulder Revised Code, 1981 and under the procedures prescribed by chapter 1-3, “Quasi-Judicial Hearings,” B.R.C. 1981. (HIS2023-00139). Owner: Marc Shull / Applicant: Guy Stevenson
  1. Matters from the Landmarks Board, Planning Department, and City Attorney
    • Civic Area Update
    • LDRC Adjustments Update
  2. Debrief Meeting / Calendar Check
  3. Adjournment

Public Participation

Any and all interested persons may:

  • Submit written comments at least 48 hours in advance of the hearing to Please note that we currently can NOT accept mail. Only email will be received at this time.
  • Observe the public hearing via computer. The link is posted 24 hours before the meeting.
  • Call in to the public hearing video conference via telephone. The call-in information is posted at least 24 hours before the meeting.
  • Speak under public comment. The public hearing provides any member of the public three minutes within which to make comments. Please review the meeting procedures.

About the Landmarks Board

The Landmarks Board is constituted under the Landmarks Preservation Ordinance (Ordinance No. 4721; Title 9, Chapter 11, Boulder Revised Code, 1981) to designate landmarks and historic districts; review and approve applications for Landmark Alteration Certificates on such buildings or in such districts; review demolition applications for non-designated buildings over 50 years old; and recognize buildings as Structures of Merit.

Board members who may be present are: