The Parks and Recreation Department promotes the health and well-being of the entire Boulder community by collaboratively providing high-quality parks, facilities, and programs. This mission will be accomplished through sustainable practices, partnerships, continuous improvement and a focus on the common good, service excellence and with health at the core of all we do.


Department Programs:

  • Administration (Responsibly Governed)
  • Community Building & Partnership
  • Planning & Ecological Services
  • Recreation & Park Operations

2024 Total Budget: $40,597,887

The 2024 budget is funded by the:

  • Recreation Activity Fund
  • $0.25 Sales Tax Fund;
  • General Fund
  • Permanent Parks and Recreation Fund;
  • Lottery Fund;
  • Boulder Junction Capital Improvement Fund;
  • Capital Improvement Fund;
  • Government Capital Fund.


Administration (Healthy & Socially Thriving)

Administration for the department includes the department leadership, department-wide finance, marketing, communications, information technology, staff training and development, business planning and process improvement analysis. These teams work closely with city Finance, Human Resources and IT staff to support operations.

  • 2024 Budget: $2,665,437

Community Building & Partnership

The Community Building & Partnership team provides camps, EXPAND, Youth Services Initiative (YSI) and other recreation programming for people with disabilities and low-income families and volunteer efforts. This includes: targeted outreach to increase awareness of public recreation programming for those from underrepresented communities as well as individuals with disabilities and coordinating system-wide volunteer efforts; and partnerships to build alternate funding to achieve community goals.

  • 2024 Budget: $1,563,469

Planning & Ecological Services

The Planning program area manages capital project planning, design and construction, and twelve historic and cultural resources. This team leads asset management and park renovation projects, and community engagement related to planning efforts. The Natural Resources team manages urban forestry, natural lands and leads the Urban Park Ranger Program.

  • 2024 Budget: $4,815,737

Recreation & Park Operations

The Operations team performs the day-to-day management of facilities and public spaces. Within the program, there are three service areas which includes Urban Parks, Recreation and Regional Facilities. Urban Parks is responsible for the operations and maintenance of urban park land (including 55 developed parks). Recreation focuses on the operations of recreation centers and outdoor pools along with sports operations, health and wellness, aquatics and general recreation programming. Regional Facilities operates and programs the Boulder Reservoir, Flatirons Golf Course and Valmont City Park.

  • 2024 Budget: $20,605,244

Advisory Boards, Commissions, and Working Groups