Transportation & Mobility Department

The Transportation & Mobility Department oversees multimodal transportation planning and operations, transportation capital projects, traffic engineering, transportation maintenance and the Boulder Municipal Airport.


Transportation in Boulder is funded largely through dedicated sales tax:

  • .6 percent sales tax, approved in 1967 and does not expire
  • .15 percent sales tax, approved in 2013 and expires on Dec. 1, 2019
  • .15 percent sales tax will be reallocated from Open Space and Mountain Parks to Transportation in 2020. It will remain in Transportation until Dec. 31, 2029, when it is shifted to the General Fund.

This means for every 10 dollars spent on goods and services in Boulder, 7½ cents goes toward funding Transportation. (Note: total sales tax in Boulder is currently 3.86 percent.)

The city also receives funding through federal, state and other local sources.

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