Each applicant's expiration date is listed on their certification letter received from the city. Prior to the end of this period, currently certified applicants may recertify.


Thirty (30) days prior to certification expiration date*

Applicants may start submitting materials for recertification. A list of required documents is below.

Fourteen (14) days prior to certification expiration date*

All applicable documents requested in the checklist linked below need to be turned in by 5pm to maintain time earned toward the one-year preference in the selection process. Applicants are encouraged to turn in documents before this date. If documents are received in advance there is the possibility a coordinator will have time to look through what has been submitted before this deadline. If documents are missing there still may be time to get them in. This could preserve one's time accrued toward the one year preference. It can take as long as 10 business days for newly submitted recertification documents to be reviewed. The earlier one’s packet is submitted the greater the chance the documents will be reviewed prior to the deadline.

Certification expiration date*

If all recertification documents have not been received or a coordinator has not had sufficient time to complete the recertification process by this date, applicant may not enter selections or go under contract on a home until the recertification is complete.

Thirty (30) days after certification expiration date*

This is the end of recertification grace period. If all recertification materials have not been submitted, a new application will need to be completed to become certified for the program.

*Applicants should check their certification letter for exact dates related to their certification.

Recertification materials check list

Use the linked checklist below for a list of needed documents.

Copies of the documents listed on the checklist, if applicable to the household, must be submitted. Applicants may blacken out social security numbers and all but the last four numbers of account numbers.