BOULDER, Colo. – A man charged with multiple serious felonies in Boulder was released on his own recognizance despite objections from the Boulder Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office.

Within 48 hours, the man victimized several community members while committing new crimes.

The acts began on Tuesday, May 10, just before 7 p.m., when a community member discovered his home had been burglarized and his vehicle stolen. Later that night, officers spotted the stolen vehicle, stopped it and took two adult males into custody.

One of those males—Shaun Lovejoy, 19 years old —was charged with aggravated motor vehicle theft, possession of paraphernalia and protection order violations. He was also in possession of a knife. Based on the severity of these new felony charges on top of his previous criminal charges earlier this year for assault, possession of controlled substances, trespassing and menacing, the District Attorney’s Office argued for Lovejoy to receive a high bond on $10,000 cash only. The prosecutor noted the defendant’s previous felony arrests, including a history of violent offenses, vocal disdain for law enforcement, and five (5) new cases within five (5) months. The prosecutor argued for a cash-only bond and stressed that the defendant presented a danger to the community.

On Wednesday afternoon, the County Court Judge gave Lovejoy a personal recognizance (PR) bond of $10,000 and released him back into the community. A PR bond involves no money or property, just the defendant’s promise to appear at all future court dates, compliance with conditions of the release, and not engage in illegal activity.

On Friday afternoon, officers responded to the 2500 block of Arapahoe for reports of Lovejoy throwing a backpack at someone, laying in the road, and yelling at people. As officers approached, he refused to show his hands and Lovejoy told officers to shoot him. When officers told him they would not shoot him and tried to safely detain him, he spat on them and tried to run away. He then kicked one of the officers in the chest.

As officers were still on scene, they learned a man matching Lovejoy’s description had just tried to rob a bank nearby, threatening the teller with a closed fist. The teller said she felt “terrified” he was going to hit her. Officers confirmed the suspect was Lovejoy and he has now been charged with attempted robbery, aggravated motor vehicle theft, unlawful possession of a control substance, second degree assault on a peace officer, trespassing, menacing and second-degree assault.

Officers took Lovejoy to the hospital to be checked out before transporting him to jail. At this hospital, Lovejoy told officers, “You just need to play the system, man.” As they drove to the jail, Lovejoy said, “No wonder the dude shot up King Soopers. No wonder your friend got blasted because officers … won`t pull out a gun and shoot bad people.” Lovejoy also explained how he previously stole a car and evaded police; and that he had been released from jail with a PR bond. Lovejoy said he expects to receive a PR bond again and then he will get arrested again.

At his hearing on Sunday, the District Attorney again requested a high, cash-only bond of $20,000. The prosecutor argued that the defendant has picked up six (6) new cases in five (5) months. The judge sent bond at $10,000 cash/surety/property. The defendant remained in custody.

On May 17, 2022, the court ordered a competency evaluation for Lovejoy and changed his bond status to a no-bond hold pending the completion of a competency evaluation. A “no-bond hold” means that the defendant will remain held without the possibility of release until the evaluation is completed.

District Attorney Michael Dougherty stated, “This individual is alleged to have had a significant impact on the victims and our community. Community safety is our top priority. Over the past week, the Boulder Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office have been working incredibly hard to deal with the serious risks presented by this man. This defendant should not be released into the community, and we are relieved that he is now being held.”

As in every criminal case, these charges are an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty.