City of Boulder will extend emergency order permitting citywide Boulder Business Recovery Program (outdoor dining) through April 2022

City and Downtown Boulder Partnership staff also exploring post-pandemic outdoor dining pilot program which would tentatively begin in May 2022 and run for three years

The City of Boulder’s Boulder Business Recovery Program (BBRP) has helped over 100 Boulder businesses reopen and operate during the pandemic. The program was created by the city in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling businesses to expand outside to operate in a safer manner and help offset indoor capacity limits during earlier state and county public health orders.

The city’s emergency order 2020-16 and 2020-18 (as amended) allowed for this program, and will be extended to April 30, 2022, allowing this citywide program to help local businesses stay open past Oct. 31, 2021 by continuing outdoor expansion options. The enhancements allowed in the fall 2020 winter program will again make room for temporary structures and heating elements making being outdoors more comfortable when the temperature drops. City inspections of all permitted outdoor expansions and street closures currently in place along west Pearl Street and on University Hill will remain in effect and the HOP bus will continue to run on a modified route during this extension period. The program will begin accepting applications in October.

Since initiation of the BBRP, State of Colorado rules and guidance concerning temporary modification of alcohol licenses have returned to pre-COVID protocol including fee and notice requirements. BBRP permitted businesses seeking extension of temporary alcohol license modifications must reapply with the State of Colorado. Additional information concerning that process will be available next week and will be posted to the city’s COVID-related webpage. Other than the State of Colorado required fees, the city will waive otherwise applicable city permitting and licensing fees at this time. Businesses will be required to retain required proof of insurance and must provide an approval letter from the property owner.

There is no requirement that businesses notify the city if they do not wish to continue their expansion after Oct. 31.

“We are pleased that this program has proven helpful in addressing community safety during the evolving pandemic” said Community Vitality Department Director Yvette Bowden. “COVID-19 continues to challenge our entire community and BBRP’s extension will continue to aid both Boulder’s local businesses and our economy.”

City of Boulder staff will work with Downtown Boulder Partnership (DBP) on a post-pandemic outdoor dining pilot program, which would tentatively begin in May 2022 running as a three-year pilot. The pilot program allows staff to evaluate and study safety, infrastructure, and operational and access considerations. Staff plans to update City Council on progress in exploring such an arrangement in February of 2022.