The City of Boulder’s annual drinking water quality report is now available online at

The City of Boulder’s annual drinking water quality report is now available online at The report provides customers with important information about Boulder’s drinking water, water sources and regulatory monitoring results for 2022. Customers may view the report online and will also receive a print copy of the report in the mail.

Key takeaways:

  • The city routinely monitors drinking water, and all water quality parameters met state and federal standards in 2022.
  • This spring, the city is updating the Source Water Protection Plan, which identifies potential contaminant sources that could occur and best management practices to protect the city’s water supply at its source. Learn more at
  • Lead testing – The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has placed the City of Boulder on a reduced monitoring schedule (every three years) for lead and copper due to the city demonstrating low lead and copper concentrations over time.
  • The city received violations for not meeting all of the requirements of the CDPHE’s backflow prevention rule. The situation is not an emergency and does not impact public health. The city has implemented process improvements and brought on additional resources to reduce the backlog of overdue annual backflow prevention tests to ensure we reach compliance in 2023. State and local regulations require backflow prevention devices at most non-single-family properties. Property owners are responsible for annual testing and ensuring test reports are submitted to the city. Learn more at

For more information, contact the city’s Drinking Water Quality Program at 303-413-7400 or via Community members can also get to know more about the city’s drinking water quality on the program webpage.

El reporte de la calidad del agua potable de 2023 de la Ciudad de Boulder resume los resultados de los análisis del año 2022. Para leer el reporte en español, visite la página

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