Show will examine the critical roles insects play and our relationship with them.

Join Our Insect Art Show

The city and local partners invite artists, educators and creatives to participate in an upcoming community art show called Little Creatures: Appreciating Insects and Tiny Critters that Run the World. The show will explore the critical roles insects and other small animals play on our planet and our relationships with them.

The show will take place in the Main Boulder Public Library’s Canyon Gallery throughout August and September 2023. It is supported by the City of Boulder, Cool Boulder and the Endangered Species Coalition, and will feature Creature Conserve Fellow and artist Faith Williams Dyrsten.

"I’m excited to challenge the way people think about insects,” said Williams Dyrsten. “From pollinators to decomposers – insects all around us are struggling, and they need our help. I believe that art can be a powerful tool to amplify concern and care for these tiny creatures, and I look forward to seeing what the Boulder community creates.”

“I get inspiration from monarchs, dragonflies and anything in between,” said participating artist Efraín Leal Escalera. “They're able to move around freely and be a part of the bigger picture – just as I’m part of the bigger picture. Through bugs and nature, I've become a resource for my community.”

Painting of an American Burying Beetle
Faith Williams Dyrsten

American Burying Beetle

Submission Details

Show organizers invite art submissions and program proposals online through May 31. Art and programs will be selected in June.

All art forms are encouraged, including:

  • 2D and 3D visual art
  • Poetry and other short form writing
  • Performances, such as theater, dance and music

Artists may submit new or incomplete work but must have it finished by July 2023. Program proposals can be creative workshops, community science trainings, panel discussions and more. Stipends are available for performances, workshops and other programming. For more information about stipends, submission guidelines and prompts, visit Cool Boulder’s website.

Painting of a Leafy Spurge Hawkmoth
Faith Williams Dyrsten

Leafy Spurge Hawkmoth

Honoring Insects Through Art

Our lives depend on insects. They are the foundation of ecosystems that provide us with clean air and water, food and a livable climate. They pollinate our plants, help control pests, support healthy soils and are a food source for other animals.

But insects are in trouble. Pesticides, loss of habitat, climate change and a variety of other threats are wiping out entire species before scientists even name them. We have an opportunity to support these important creatures by changing the ways we grow our food and landscape our yards. Learn how to start supporting insects on Cool Boulder’s blog.

Have a favorite insect species or story? Tell us about it! Call 303-818-4678 and leave a voicemail sharing your thoughts and appreciation. Your voice may appear in a future article, audio collage or podcast.