The purchase, made possible by a generous State of Colorado grant, of two Rosenbauer RTX fire engines puts Boulder, Colorado on the map nationally and represents the dedication that the community has to safety for first responders and positive impacts to community climate goals.

The City of Boulder is prioritizing first responder safety and climate goals by purchasing the city’s second electric fire engine. This announcement comes nearly a year after the city announced the purchase of its first electric engine in spring 2023. These two Rosenbauer RTX fire trucks make Boulder, Colorado the first city to have two electric fire engines, putting it on the national map as a city fire department that prioritizes first responder safety and community climate goals.

“The City of Boulder is certainly known for approaching new opportunities that improve our community and our climate and these engines are a great example of that,” said Battalion Chief Travis Richen. “It is easy to lean-into a new technology when its priority is maintaining and improving the efficiency of our jobs and the safety of our crews.”

The RTX seamlessly integrates the power of an all-electric driveline, efficiently managing driving operations. In addition, its advanced pump system operates electrically, providing enhanced functionality. The energy backup system, designed for flexibility and redundancy, plays a crucial role. Not only can it recharge the batteries, but it can also take over pumping operations during extended incidents, ensuring a reliable and resilient firefighting solution.

“The RTX is equipped with additional features that set it apart and prove invaluable for Boulder firefighters in optimizing their efficiency” said Todd McBride, RTX Sales & Marketing Manager for Rosenbauer. “Among its distinctive attributes are state-of-the-art ergonomic technologies that prioritize firefighter health and safety. Notably, the RTX includes an adjustable suspension, allowing it to raise and lower its ride heights based on the terrain.”

The adjustable suspension allows the truck to be lowered to a mere 7 inches above the ground facilitating seamless entry and exit from the cab, reducing strain on firefighters and minimizing the reach height required to access equipment on the scene. Adding to its versatility, the RTX features standard all-wheel drive, distinguishing it from current engines. The introduction of an off-road mode allows for improved winter driving in Colorado's extreme conditions, further highlighting the RTX's adaptability.

With two RTX fire engines in-service, the occupational safety of city fire-rescue crews will be greatly improved. Firefighters will be able to respond to calls with a reduced exposure to carcinogenic fumes and noise. Not only do these engines prioritize the health and safety of the city’s firefighters but they also meet Boulder’s mission to address climate change.

“Reducing air pollution from gas-powered vehicles is critical to addressing Colorado’s unique air quality challenges. It’s encouraging that organizations are stepping up to take part in our programs to ease access to low- and zero-emission options,” said Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Air Pollution Control Division Director Michael Ogletree. “Organizations that participate in the transition to cleaner vehicles will help further protect the environment and health for Coloradans in their communities.”

Boulder’s second electric fire engine is possible because of a generous grant provided by CDPHE. The new fire engine will have many features that better support firefighters and our community while also continuing to be a reliable and effective first responder vehicle. “Residents can rest assured that our crews will arrive and respond in this new rig with the resources and care that they usually do,” said Chief Richen. “The amazing thing about this engine is that it functions more effectively than our legacy engines because of the built in option to power the engine in two ways: electric and diesel.” With these RTX engines, Boulder Fire-Rescue crews can anticipate a durable response vehicle with less of a chance of service interruptions. Both CDPHE and the City of Boulder value the role of electric vehicles that can perform under challenging conditions to meet higher standards of service to the community, safety, and climate goals.

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