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City launching East Boulder Subcommunity Plan engagement

Next month, Planning and Development Services will kick-off community engagement on implementation of the East Boulder Subcommunity Plan. The engagement will include a series of focus group meetings and a Technical Advisory Committee. Initial information and feedback from the engagement will be shared with City Council at its Oct. 12 study session.

For this next phase of the project, staff is building on extensive stakeholder input from the East Boulder Subcommunity Plan, adopted in 2022.

This next step will result in a rezoning strategy based off the adopted plan and updates to the city’s Form-Based Code (FBC), which may be applied to areas of change identified in the plan. FBC establishes building design standards to achieve the community’s vision and will help ensure East Boulder’s buildings and public spaces (streets, sidewalks, plazas) are designed to create high-quality places that are interconnected, accessible, sustainable and scaled. This will:

  • Reduce barriers to achieving the types of places we heard community members want.
  • Promote the design of buildings to strengthen their relationship to public space.
  • Enhance the unique character of the East Boulder subcommunity.
  • Nurture a more economically resilient, accessible place for businesses, workers and community members.
  • Provide more attainable and affordable housing opportunities to accommodate a growing region.
  • Encourage workspaces and commercial places for existing and new makers and merchants.

For more information, visit the city’s website. For questions, please contract City Principal Planner Kathleen King at


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