Heads Up Nov. 25, 2022

Here’s some need-to-know information for the week:

Launch of Zonehaven Emergency Mapping Tool on Monday, Nov. 28

As part of the city's work to continually improve emergency response, the city has partnered with Zonehaven, a web-based emergency mapping tool, to help emergency responders plan, communicate and execute evacuations more effectively. Launching next week, the Zonehaven platform also provides community members direct access to real-time evacuation and emergency information.

The city's emergency personnel coordinated with Zonehaven to divide the map of the city of Boulder into "Zones." Each zone has a corresponding number on the Zonehaven map. Emergency personnel will use the mapping tool during an emergency to plan and execute evacuations. Community members will be able to go to the map at community.zonehaven.com to check the evacuation status for their zone(s) and access critical emergency information, including evacuation points, shelters, and more.

Zonehaven does not replace the need for Everbridge or Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). Emergency alerts sent out to the community via Everbridge, or WEA will include a direct link to Zonehaven, providing community members with quick access to critical emergency information as soon as updates are available.

Boulder is the second city in Colorado to implement Zonehaven. The City of Colorado Springs launched the platform earlier this year.

The Communication and Engagement department will coordinate communication efforts for the Zonehaven launch, encouraging community members to sign up for emergency alerts and "Know Your Zone."

For more information about Zonehaven, please contact Boulder Fire-Rescue Chief Michael Calderazzo, 303-441-3350, CalderazzoM@bouldercolorado.gov



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