Heads Up June 3, 2022

Here’s some need-to-know information for the week

New Citywide Language Access Plan

I’m pleased to share with you that the City of Boulder now has a citywide Language Access Plan. This plan is intended as a resource to departments, staff, elected officials, and members of boards and commissions. The plan shares data on the languages spoken in our city, as well as the ability to speak English for the different language groups. The plan provides guidelines, recommendations and processes that help us ensure that Limited English Proficiency (LEP) persons have meaningful access to information, services, programs, activities, and decision-making processes at the City of Boulder.

The plan incorporates recommendations from our Racial Equity Plan, while at the same time meets the federally mandated guidelines for language access as determined by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Implementation of the plan will take place gradually, with the focus in the first few months on training staff and outreaching to the community.

The COVID pandemic and recent fire emergencies have greatly illustrated the need to provide critical information to LEP community members, both for their safety and for the community’s overall wellbeing. This plan will ensure that we do so in an effective way.

A digital copy of this plan is available online.

For more information, please contact Language Access Program Manager Manuela Sifuentes.


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