Heads Up June 9, 2023

Here’s some need-to-know information for the week:

Reimagine Policing Engagement Window IV Report Now Available

Via a Request for Proposals (RFP) process in 2022, the city contracted with National Policing Institute (NPI) to manage the final major public engagement window (Engagement Window IV) for the Reimagine Policing project. The goal of Window IV was to receive feedback on the draft Reimagine Policing plan, which was publicly released in July 2022.

Engagement Window IV took place from Nov. 14, 2022 through Jan. 6, 2023 and included surveys and alternative engagement (interviews, focus groups) methods. NPI has provided the city with its report on Window IV, and it is now available on the Reimagine Policing website.

The Reimagine Policing staff team is currently using this information, along with additional feedback received via the July 28, 2022 study session and local/national civil rights experts, to revise the plan. The revised Reimagine Policing plan will be released in August, in advance of the public hearing and council consideration at the Sept. 7, 2023 council meeting.

For more information, please contact Reimagine Policing Project Manager Wendy Schwartz at schwartzw@bouldercolorado.gov.


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