Learn about local efforts to protect nature, taste sustainably grown food and prepare native seeds for spring gardening. The event is free!

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Come Learn, Eat and Start Your Garden

Jan. 31 from 6 to 8 p.m.

The event is free.

The celebration will begin with a presentation from the city’s Senior Ecologist Rella Abernathy who participated in the United Nations Global Convention on Biodiversity last month. She will explore why global agreements to protect nature are relevant to the average person and the leadership role local communities must play. City staff will also share information about projects that are expanding tree canopies, building healthy soils, transforming our food system and creating networks of pollinator gardens.

This will be followed by a panel discussion with three community leaders who are deepening connections between people and living systems across Boulder County. Panel members will include farmer and land steward Mark Guttridge; Director of Horticulture at the Butterfly Pavilion, Amy Yarger; and mushroom grower Zach Hedstrom.

Folks will learn ways to get involved and make their own sow-bags, an easy and inexpensive way to start native grass and wildflower seeds during winter. Come spring, the seeds will be ready to plant in gardens and green spaces and become home to a variety of native pollinators.

A row of small garden seedlings

Attendees will also sample food from a local chef and learn how sustainable food systems are an essential part of stabilizing climate and preserving biodiversity.

Register online if you are attending in person.

Those interested in joining the celebration in person can register online through Eventbrite. In-person spots are limited, so community members are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible.

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