City invites guardians to snag some fun dog swag and help keep shared open space clean at a community event on Sunday, May 7.

    City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department and Open Space and Mountain Parks Department staff invite community members to join them for several “Let’s DOO It!” events on Sunday, May 7, to remind dog guardians to always pick up after their furry friends while enjoying Boulder’s parks and open space.

    City of Boulder staff will be at the Dry Creek Trailhead area, Coot Lake and the North Shore of Boulder Reservoir on May 7 from 9 a.m. to noon as part of the city’s “Let’s DOO It” campaign, which reminds visitors of their responsibility to keep our shared public lands clear of dog waste.

    Boulder County Parks & Open Space also will have “Let’s DOO It” events at the Anne U. White Trail on May 7 from 9 to 11 a.m. and at Twin Lakes from 1 to 3 p.m. Jefferson County Open Space will host similar activities at North Table Mountain Park on Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.

    City staff invite community members to: 

    • Receive some fun dog swag – including a “Let’s DOO It” bandana for your furry friend.  

    • Take the “Let’s DOO It” pledge to BAG IT, PACK IT and CAN IT. Immediately BAG your dog’s DOO. If a waste can is not immediately within reach, PACK IT (carry it with you) and then CAN IT in a pet waste composting or waste receptacle.  

    • And help us clean up these areas! Families are encouraged to help out and pick up that poo when you see it.

    City staff will be flagging each “doo” left at the Dry Creek trailhead, Coot Lake and the North Shore of Reservoir on Thursday, May 4 to highlight the amount of dog waste left behind on shared public lands. Not only is dog waste unsightly and creates a bad smell for everyone, but it can also harm water quality and native plants. Bacteria, nitrogen and phosphorous in dog waste can: 

    • Enter waterways and storm drains when it rains or when snowmelt runs across the path.  

    • Deplete oxygen in water and encourage algal blooms. 

    • Cause chemical changes in soil composition that can kill native plants and encourage noxious weed infestation.  

    The city encourages you to “DOO It” for our shared lands and your wallet. Leaving dog waste on or near the trail – even temporarily – is prohibited and can lead to a citation and a $100 fine. When visiting city open space and parks, don’t forget to: 

    • Carry extra poop bags with you at all times. Offer one to someone in need.

    • Always pick up your dogs’ poop. If there is no container to “can it,” “pack it!”

    • Sealable bags can reduce the smell. 

    • Put your dog’s poop in compostable bags – available at some city open space trailheads – and put them in the specific compost receptacles at those trailheads.