Last week, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Rangers awarded Malaika Martin the department's first “Civilian Commendation Award” when she assisted an injured climber earlier this year. The award said:

"Malaika recognized the need for additional help, so she called 911 and began administering patient care. Malaika set aside her own considerations for personal safety in order to provide care to the fallen climber. She then stayed with the patient, summoned additional help from bystanders, and continued to provide patient care until responders arrived.

Malaika then helped responders provide patient care for an additional thirty minutes until the patient was ready for evacuation. Malaika’s training as a nurse, her desire to help those in need, and her ability to stay calm in the face of adversity helped save the life of the fallen climber.

Without Malaika, we will never know what may have become of the fallen climber who suffered multiple life-threatening injuries and was unable to call for emergency help. Without a doubt, Malaika’s actions go above and beyond the expectation."