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Public Notice

The Landmarks Board of the City of Boulder proposes to adopt the following rule(s) by the rulemaking procedures set forth in Chapter 1-4 of the Boulder Revised Municipal Code, 1981.

  • Adopt a regulation to repeal and reenact the General Design Guidelines, including changes to Section 2.7 Pools. As proposed, the amended section will provide updated guidance for adding pools to historic districts and individual landmarks.

Three copies of the proposed rule were filed with the City Clerk before August 16, 2021. A full and complete copy of the revised guidelines is available for public review online. The public has the right to submit written comments on the proposed rule, which should be submitted by August 31, 2021 at midnight via email to

A public hearing will be held by the Landmarks Board on September 1, 2021 sometime after 6 pm to consider adoption of these rules. The hearing will be held virtually via video conference.

Public testimony will be accepted.

The proposed rule was approved as to substance prior to publication by the Landmarks Board at their August 4, 2021 meeting.