A fire that displaced three community members on Sunday is likely caused by the home's furnace.

On Sunday, December 18, Boulder Fire-Rescue responded to a fire on the 4500 block of 19th street in North Boulder. Upon arriving at the scene, Boulder Fire-Rescue and Boulder Police found the house on fire with flames visible and the residents evacuated. No firefighters or community members were injured.

The 4500 block of 19th street was shut down while firefighters worked to put the fire out and ensure that the fire did not spread to other structures. Due to the extensive damage to the home, three residents were displaced. Boulder Police Victim’s Advocates and the Red Cross were notified and came to the scene to assist the residents.

The fire investigation team cannot provide a definitive cause for this fire due to the significant damage in the home. However, based on interviews and aspects of the investigation that the team could complete, the home’s heating system is the most likely cause.

Furnaces and HVAC systems, if not probably maintained and updated, can become fire hazards. Regular maintenance of an HVAC system can help ensure that your HVAC’s electrical systems and gas connections are safe and operating normally and that dust and debris is not clogging or blocking necessary vents, filters, or coils.

Boulder Fire-Rescue, Boulder Police and the City of Boulder would like to thank Boulder Emergency Squad, Louisville Fire District, Boulder Rural Fire Department, The American Red Cross and AMR for their assistance during this fire.