If you’re looking for a home in Boulder, here are a few programs to explore.

Looking for a home to call your own? The City of Boulder is committed to maintaining diverse housing options for all people, regardless of their income. The city implements multiple programs and policies to increase access to affordable housing to ensure that families and individuals have safe and affordable places to live in Boulder.

If you’re looking for a home in Boulder, here are a few programs to explore:

H2O: House to Homeownership: Down Payment Assistance Loan

This program provides homebuyers with a second loan (15% of purchase price, up to $100,000) to purchase a market rate home in Boulder. No payments are made on the loan for 15 years unless the home is sold or transferred.

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Permanently Affordable Homes

This program offers homes at below market-rate prices to eligible buyers who intend to live in them. View a list of homes that are currently available.

Solution Grant: Down Payment Assistance Grant

This program helps homebuyers pay down payment and closing costs by bridging the gap between how much money the buyer has available and how much is needed to close on a home. These grants (up to 5% of purchase price) are for buyers purchasing select Permanently Affordable homes, or Thistle Communities Land Trust homes in Boulder.

Affordable housing is a vital component of a thriving community. Research shows that stable, affordable housing is crucial to a community's health, environment and overall well-being. The city has a goal for 15% of all housing units to be affordable for low-, moderate-, and middle-income households by 2035. These goals are part of the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, which outlines the community vision for Boulder's future.

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