The City of Boulder reminds community members that the Boulder Star area on Flagstaff Mountain is closed.

The Boulder Chamber will light the Boulder Star on Veterans Day, Saturday, November 11. The City of Boulder reminds everyone to view the Boulder Star from afar as it remains closed. See a list of open space locations to view the star below.

The annual lighting of the Boulder Star is a commemoration of the holiday season and rings in a season of hope, generosity, and inspiration as the star shines brightly over Boulder. This year marks the 76th anniversary of the Boulder Star’s first lighting on Flagstaff Mountain in December 1947. Notably, the Boulder Chamber lights the Boulder Star on Veterans Day as a tribute to servicemembers, both active duty and retired, who play a critical role in ensuring our freedoms.

Learn more about this year's Boulder Star activities from the Boulder Chamber.

The city recognizes that hiking to the area has been an enjoyable experience for many community members. However, the area is closed because:

  • There is no designated trail that leads to the star. It is located in steep terrain and is surrounded by sensitive wildlife habitats, including an area closed during specific times of the year to support golden eagle nesting.
  • Off-trail access has created a network of undesignated trails and sustained visitation over the years has led to natural resource damage, including the development of gullies and de-vegetation across a large area.
  • Loose soil, combined with the steep slope, also has increased the danger of slipping and falling for visitors who try to view the star up close.
  • OSMP Rangers continue to address numerous illegal activities occurring in the area over the years, such as alcohol consumption, littering, smoking and vandalism. Like in previous years, Rangers will patrol the Boulder Star area closure, and visitors could receive a citation for entering the area and any violations of city ordinances, regulations and rules.

View the Boulder Star From Afar

City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) welcomes community members to view the star from open space locations, including: