South Boulder Recreation Center Ninja Studio

Entry & Studio Guidelines

The ninja studio at the South Boulder Recreation Center is now open for key check out, supervised drop-in, and group reservations!

Drop-in schedule:

We've added more Ninja Drop-in Times for the summer. Check out the Google Schedule for weekly updates.

Key check out and admission to the Ninja Studio during drop-in programming are included as part of a rec center pass or paying the daily entry fee. Entry fees & pass options

Ninja Programming & Info

Ninja Drop-In

Visit the Ninja Studio during ninja drop-In times to have fun and test your skills on the Ninja obstacle course. Weekly ninja element rotations will ensure you have the opportunity to master a variety of obstacles.

Ninja Drop-in Rules:
  • Chaperones of youth ages 9 and under must remain in the room.
  • No more than 10 participants are allowed in the Ninja Studio at a time. If room is at capacity a line may be formed inside the gym along the wall. After completing the course participants should move to end of the line.
  • Warped wall is only open during designated drop-in times, and may not always be available.

Key Check Out

The Ninja Studio is available for use through key check out. This provides community members the opportunity to utilize the room outside normal Ninja programming times.
  • Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance.
  • Only one Ninja Studio reservation per person per day for a maximum time of a 1 hour block.
  • Reservations must be made at least one hour in advance.
  • Key check out reservations are subject to cancellation after 15 minutes and a no show.

How to make a Ninja Studio reservation PDF

Ninja Studio Key Check Out Rules:

In addition to the those listed in the Ninja Studio Guidelines, Key check out participants must abide by the following:

  • Standard Daily Entry Fee or Membership required for entry.
  • Youth participants ages 9 and under must have a chaperone (age 16+) in Ninja Studio during key check out rental.
  • Participants ages 10-18 must have an up-to-date Customer Account with Boulder Parks and Recreation, including contact information for Parent/Guardian.
  • Any reservations with participants under the age of 18 must have a minimum of 2 participants in the Ninja Studio at all times. It is recommended all reservations have 2 or more participants, regardless of participant's age.
  • The Ninja Studio is to be utilized solely by the renter and associated parties. All participating parties must check-in at the front desk prior to using the Ninja Studio and verbally agree to guidelines.
  • The renter shall not allow unassociated or unapproved parties to use Ninja Studio during rental.
  • Upon completion of rental the Ninja Studio door should be closed, locked, and the key should be returned immediately to the front desk.
  • Use of the Warped Wall is not included in key check out and is prohibited.

Ninja Registered Classes

As we grow our SBRC Ninja program we plan to introduce registration Ninja classes for participants to learn and practice Ninja Skills, with a focus on building the physical strength, grip, and stamina needed for advanced obstacles.

At this time we are not offering registered Ninja Programming, but check out our Gymnastic program at NRBC for a safe, encouraging, and positive atmosphere for gymnasts of all ages and abilities.

Ninja Studio Rentals & Party Info

The Ninja Studio is available for Birthday Parties and Group Outings. With your rental you will receive exclusive access to the space, and personalized choice of hanging obstacles during your event.

Ninja Studio Rental

Rental Fee: $100/hr Resident: $80/hr

Rental Times: Available during all non-programmed operating hours

Ninja Studio Parties

Ninja Parties are available during the facility's normal operating hours. For information on different Party Packages and pricing visit our Community Lounge page.

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