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Temporary Closures, Advisories and Fire Bans

Trail Map:

OSMP's interactive trail map now includes trail closures - an easy option to check before your trip!

Red Rocks area trails closed 
Trails are closed because of the Sunshine Fire. OSMP advises residents to not access open space near those areas in order to help firefighters respond to this emergency. Wonderland Lake and Sanitas area trails (north of Mapleton/Sunshine Canyon) are now open. 

South Boulder Creek West Trail closed effective March 21, 2017
A portion of the South Boulder Creek West Trail will be closed during the week while the trail is repaired. The trail will re-open to the public during the weekends. The work is anticipated to last for two weeks.

Boulder County fire ban enacted March 15, 2017
Open burning and the sale and use of fireworks are prohibited in unincorporated Boulder County west of Highway 93/Broadway/US 36. With the ban in place, OSMP reminds visitors that it is prohibited to use department provided grills in the western part of the system. More information can be found on Boulder County's website

Lion's Lair parking area temporarily closed effetive March 13, 2017
The Lion's Lair parking area will be closed while Boulder County cleans up after an accident that spilled diesel fuel in the area. The clean up may take up to two weeks. The Lion's Lair trail remains open and hikers may walk around the closed parking area. 

NCAR Bear Canyon, Mesa trail repairs and closures updated Jan. 23, 2017
OSMP is rebuilding the NCAR-Bear Canyon Trail and a Mesa Trail section south of NCAR. Find trail closure details at

Trail advisory: Bridge work affecting Cottontail Trail beginning Nov. 15, 2016 
Beginning, Nov. 15, work will begin on a new pedestrian bridge on the IBM Connector Trail at Dry Creek. Cottontail Trail users may experience minor delays as heavy equipment is transported on the trail. Please use caution in the area.

East-Boulder White Rocks Trail section to remain closed for an extended period
The bridge on the East Boulder-White Rocks Trail is closed after flooding conditions on the path caused the bridge to become disconnected from its embankment. OSMP advises visitors not to approach the bridge. The East-Boulder White Rocks Trail remains open up to the bridge closure from both directions, but no through trail travel is allowed - see the closure map. The trail closure at the bridge will be lifted when OSMP is able to implement necessary repairs or replace the bridge. Currently, the department is working on a plan to remove and replace the bridge. The new bridge will be designed for post-flood conditions.

White Rocks BridgeWhite Rocks Bridge 2

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Rock Island 1 in Boulder Canyon closed
Rock Island 1 is closed. The rock fractured and part fell onto the Boulder Canyon Creek path. Sections of the remaining rock have been evaluated as unstable so it is closed until recommended bolting can be completed. 

Anemone Hill closed - updated Jan. 2015
The Anemone Hill Trail Construction and Restoration Project began on July 7, 2014. The completed trail project will provide about 3.2 miles of designated trail access for pedestrians and equestrians. During construction of the new Anemone Loop Trail, the Anemone Hill area is temporarily closed to the public in order to protect natural resources, to restore the landscape and to ensure visitor safety. Sunshine Canyon Trail and Elephant Buttress and The Dome areas remain open. 
As of January 2015, a short section of the Anemone Trail has been opened for out and back use only. Off-trail travel in the area is prohibited to protect the partially completed sections of trail and the restoration work in the area. Signs in the area clearly show the open trail.

Boulder Falls Trail remains closed
Boulder Falls Trail and the area around Boulder Falls remain closed. The trail sustained damage in the flood that needs to be repaired and rock scaling above the trail needs to be completed before the trail can re-open. 

No parking along Highway 170 near Doudy Draw and South Mesa Trailheads
Please remember that parking is not allowed on Highway 170 at any time.

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