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Temporary Closures, Advisories and Fire Bans

Trail Map

Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP's)  interactive trail map now includes longer-term trail closures - an easy option to check before your trip!

Muddy Trail Closures

Muddy trail closures as of Thu Mar 21, 2019.

No trails are currently closed due to muddy conditions.


Other Trail Closures and Advisories

Trailhead closures occurring March 19-26, 2019
OSMP is conducting a parking study and will temporarily close vehicle access to trailheads to install vehicle counters. Visitors can still access the trail by foot or bike, but it will be closed to vehicles for the duration of the install (closures begin at 6 am and will last up to 5 pm). Please see the schedule below:

Trailhead Closed Closure Date
Interim Joder Trailhead Tuesday, March 19
Sawhill Ponds Trailhead Wednesday, March 20
Teller Farms North Trailhead Thursday, March 21
Dry Creek Trailhead* Thursday, March 21
Teller Farms South Trailhead Friday, March 22
Boulder Valley Ranch Trailhead Monday, March 25
South Mesa Trailhead Tuesday, March 26

*The Dry Creek Trailhead will be closed for extensive maintenance work to fix drainage issues, not to install vehicle counters. Trails in the area will remain open.

East Boulder-White Rocks Trail bridge opened March 15, 2019
The bridge over the East Boulder-White Rocks Trail is now open and the trail is no longer closed. 

Trail closures related to Xcel transmission line work
The NCAR-Skunk Canyon and NCAR-Table Mesa/Bear Trails may see intermittent closures, but are no longer fully closed. Please visit for details on the project. 

Flagstaff Summit Road closed to vehicles for winter Oct. 30, 2018
The Flagstaff Summit Road is closed to vehicles for the winter. It will reopen to vehicles May 1, 2019.

Rock Island 1 in Boulder Canyon closed
Rock Island 1 is closed. The rock fractured and part fell onto the Boulder Canyon Creek path. Sections of the remaining rock have been evaluated as unstable so it is closed until recommended bolting can be completed.   

No parking along Highway 170 near Doudy Draw and South Mesa Trailheads
Please remember that parking is not allowed on Highway 170 at any time.